Thursday, December 23, 2010

We’re Not on the Naughty List

We have been lucky over the past few days to be visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past (Jay Comeau!) and the Ghost of Christmas Present (Michael Andruskiewicz!). Jay had a lot of complaining to do about the snow, he misses AZ already! He is finally going to be working for the Department of Homeland Security, but has to start at the bottom working in airport security. Oh no – pat downs! Eventually he wants to be an Air Marshall. I feel safer already! He has a really short haircut and a full set of blonde facial hair. He didn’t mention any ladies, but knowing Jay, there is a special Arizonian he’s been spending time with.

The Skev Report – Skevtastic was in the house on Tuesday. He came in wearing this red and black checked hat and I wish I took a pic of it. He dropped off some delicious muffin loaves from his special place, The Gingerbread Factory. He saw Rec alum, Adam Szajgin, at The Anchor.

Rec Party today! There are gifts and food and good cheer. We’re only here half a day, so if you’re around, come in and visit. If we don’t see you until the new year, celebrate safely.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Leftover Monday

The last Crock Pot Friday menu was Sloppy Joe’s and salad (although YOU voted for chicken wings!). Smelled delish, but I didn’t try it. So much was left, we instituted Leftover Monday. We won’t be in the office this Friday, but we will have Holiday Brunch Thursday while we exchange gifts. Wonder what Bruce is getting the ladies this year…

NEW poll! Vote on what you think Bruce will get for Christmas! Bottom of the green box, to the right...

The main office painting project is at a standstill. Josh is working hard but purple is getting mixed results, see for yourself…

The Skev Report – Skev-ger Woods was in the office last week, but I only saw him for a second. He volunteered at the Holcroft Park Tree Lighting Festival this weekend and knew a lot of the kids. He was wearing a cool golf cap and yes, he is still rocking a bit of scruffy beard. Beard-vember has bled into December! He helped Stella hang her ornament on the tree and even sang Christmas carols. He and I were the only ones who knew the second verse of Jingle Bells by heart! Soon Miss Fanny Bright was seated by my side...

We are so thankful to have the best staff in the world. Six awesome counselors volunteered their time to play with the kids at the Holcroft Park Tree Lighting. It means a lot to the neighborhood and to me. I hope to see even more staff at the next community event!!

It’s beautiful at Lynch with snow covering everything. Come see it, while it lasts, and bring your sled!

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Crock Pot Friday

The first ever Bev Rec Crock Pot Friday was born today! We all contributed ingredients and then Gail, Jean and Josh put together a delicious lasagna in Gail’s crock pot, located on top of the file cabinet, next to the fax machine and pencil sharpener. We got the recipe from Jessica Seinfeld and Oprah. Make your own here: Delicious. We’re already planning the next one, so help us decide and vote in the new poll (to the right, in the green box)!

The Skev Report – Sexy Skevvie (a nickname he coined, people) checked in with via speakerphone. He was listening to a great tune, “Tempted” by Squeeze. He's been working out like a maniac and I was worried to hear that he spent one full hour on the elliptical. He clarified, saying he really spent 45 minutes, just rounded up to one hour. He spent yesterday toning his legs. He is not catering this weekend, instead he's going to Boston with Josh and maybe out with Bruce’s Bad Father’s Club. We miss him and he promises to visit next week. Awesome! In the last poll, 30% of you voted that Mike would be the next thing to go missing at Lynch. So far, that’s true. Captain Dusty’s, the falcon and Lynch Beach are still here.

We've received so many brochure advertisements over the past few days, I can hardly keep up! Thanks everyone for your patronage!

We have some volunteer opportunities coming up…
Gloucester Crossing Tree Lighting Festival – Dec. 18, 2:45-4:15PM
North Pole Calling - Dec. 20-22, 5:00-7:00PM
Beverly’s New Year – Dec. 31, 3:30-7:30PM (choose a 1, 2, 3 or 4-hour time frame)
Just contact me! I'm happy to write a letter of participation for anyone who needs volunteer hours documented.

We’ve reached 3,400 blog views!! Hooray! Tell your friends to become official followers!

THE BEST OF NORTH POLE CALLING - This just in... one child's guardian wants Santa to let him know that the Lego Death Star, "has too many pieces and Santa doesn't make it!" Ha ha haaaaa!

15 days until Christmas! What did you get for Hanukkah? Anyone out there celebrate Kwanzaa? Tell us all about it!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

We Are All Winners

Including Bev Rec! We were so honored last night to receive the Community Partner Award from the North Shore Community Development Coalition (NSCDC). See the pictures below for a dapper Bruce Doig and more info on this prestigious accolade…

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beverly Panthers RULE!

Not much to report, since I was out of the office for much of the day. So here are some recent pictures of Lynch Park, including more shots of our recently deceased trees. Enjoy!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

It’s Fun Beating Kids at Chess

The Skev Report – Skevvie Doo told us last week that it's been really fun beating the U.S. Taekwondo kids at chess. He got a new phone for free and came in wearing his bluetooth. He wasn’t talking to anyone on it, though. His beard is very full, so much so he planned on getting a trimmer that day. He loves listening to Pandora and prefers a “Soul” themed station that he customized. Speaking of soul singers, Skev also remarked that Aretha Franklin’s, “Natural Woman” really gets him through the day. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t have stories from his high school reunion, other than that it was fun. B-O-R-I-N-G. There’s an epic tale in there, I know it!

I case you haven’t heard, BHS won the Superbowl! Woo-hoo! Bruce had a blast this season as a coach and is wearing his black and orange today to celebrate. Josh made Beverly cookies and Gail made a cake with eggnog frosting. We’re compiling a photo album of all the Bev Rec staff who played, coached, cheered or marched. Also want pics of staff members who attended the game. If you have pics, send them to me at, please!

We’re also compiling a photo album of prom pictures! Bev Rec staff, former and current, please send us your prom pictures to be featured on Facebook during prom season, 2011.

THE BEST OF NORTH POLE CALLING – Two more forms came in, asking our Santas to mention that the kids are, “doing great going on the potty” and “going in the big girl potty now”. Will the kids be freaked out that Santa knows that?

Bruce and Josh successfully tested the Beverly's New Year confetti cannon with confetti made by our own, diamond-cut shredder.

Welcome to our 16th follower! Tell your friends, we'd love to have more people reading this blog!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Something’s Missing…

First Thing Missing – Another tree from the ACME Jr. side of Lynch Park. A majestic old oak was rotten and hollowed out inside and taken down by a tree service first thing this morning. It was a sad sight and it kept me from parking behind the building. Blah.

Second Thing Missing – Me, I had the day off yesterday to finish xmas shopping. Pandora and Toys R' Us are now the proud owners of my hard-earned money.

Third Thing Missing – Wallpaper in the main office. Josh has been arriving early and leaving late, a result of non-stop wallpaper removal. We haven’t decided what color to paint the clean, new walls. Gail thinks I should be in charge of choosing, but I can't handle the responsibility. In a past poll, you helped decide to paint the office purple and I hope that sticks…

Tonight is the Recreation Commission’s annual dinner at the Beverly Depot. Mmmmm, steak… mmmmm, salad bar. Delicious morsels aside, I was forced to prepare an year end report, which was a blessing in disguise because I reflected on all of our 2010 accomplishments. Bev Rec RULES, is basically what I deduced.

No Skev yet this week, but I think he’ll show up soon. He has stories from Thanksgiving Eve and his BHS reunion. I… cannot… wait…

Want to volunteer to work at Beverly's New Year? Please let me know. You can take a two-hour shift at the glamorous GAR Hall, assisting with costumes for the procession. Contact me!

New "Missing" poll, green box, to the right. Vote!

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Screwy Computey

The internet is on the fritz, so who knows how much blogging we'll be able to do before this site goes down...

The Skev Report - We have "elfed" Skev! Check it out on our Facebook page or click here. Skevvy Lou Who popped in today not only to update us on the growth of his beard, but also to share his MTEL triumph. He feels that he did well on the test, so congrats to him. He played with Stella, chatted with us and watched the now famous video of Marconi Radio. Pretty soon he was off to U.S. Taekwondo and we don't expect to see him again until after T-Giving.

Josh has started stripping wallpaper in the main office. Woo-hoo!

Only a few more days to vote on the Beverly Superbowl poll. Come on, show your school spirit! To the right, bottom of the green box.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Say a Little Prayer for Skev!

Josh left a copy of the Oriental Trading catalog on my desk yesterday morning, open to a page advertising “Relaxable Pickles.”

Apparently, Molly is reverting back to Snooki mode (leopard-print dress and now pickles!) and planning to buy these stress-relievers for x-mas gifts. Josh is worried that next she’s going to ask for her own tanning booth. GTL and Merry Christmas, Molly!

The Skev Report – Skev-a-reeno popped by and he is sticking with Beard-vember. He's trimmed a few stray whiskers, but is rocking a much fuller array of facial hair. Skev’s taking the MTELs tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed or say a little prayer for him, Dionne Warwick-style. He’s looking forward to his 5th year BHS reunion and all the after parties that are sure to follow. We watched a slew of YouTube clips, and laughed our heads off. Speaking of clips, I found this short one of Skev at this year's VIP Dinner. Enjoy!

Last week’s poll indicated that on Thanksgiving, most of you plan to watch football, some will sleep in and only one will run the Wild Turkey 5K. No one is preparing the feast, so maybe we need to run more cooking classes.

New poll on Beverly football, to the right in the green box… black, black, black, black, black, let's go black...

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Friday, November 12, 2010

No Shave November

The Skev Report - We were blessed with a visit from the Skev Piper this morning. He almost immediately declared that he is sporting a beard because it is "No Shave November" and then clarified that it only applies to guys, ladies don't have to participate. He's considering becoming a member of another club, maybe the ICC or the Gloucester Elks. Mike showed us his new western, snap button shirt, which we all liked. Everything is going well at US Taekwondo and he has been busy catering, as well. He is so busy that he only recently caught up on the social scene with Josh and his buds. Skev has challenged me to go to Kitty's on Thanksgivign Eve - my most unfavorite time to publicly socialize. We'll see...

THE PENALTY BOX - Is in da house. Is this good news or bad news? You decide.

Have a safe weekend, y'all. The weather is supposed to be very nice, so get outside to your favorite Beverly park!

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Tomorrow is Veteran's Day and our office will be closed. We'll be back on Friday, 11/12.

New Thanksgiving poll, to the right, lower part of the green box.

Our last poll was interesting, showing that many people DO give candy to high schoolers, for fear of having their cars egged. What about the Montserrat kids who were canvassing the Cove neighborhood? Is that a case of poor college kids or Halloween enthusiasts? I don't know.

Under the section “Remarks you would like Santa to make to your child during their phone call” a parent writes: "...please keep trying to eat vegetables." Sounds like Santa Josh must threaten to leave this kid carrots and celery, no chocolate. Poor kid!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Johnny Be Good!

Holidays are here and North Pole Calling forms are rolling in! What's that, you ask? A wonderful, FREE Bev Rec tradition where our staff act like Santa and call unsuspecting children, wishing them a Merry Christmas and promising toys if they are good boys and girls. Guardians fill out a form, describing their kids and the behaviors they would like our Santas to help them reinforce or avoid. It can get pretty funny, thus the new blog feature…

Under the section “Remarks you would like Santa to make to your child during their phone call” a parent writes: "I hear you have been potty training." I have to be here when Skev Claus says that…

There is still time to vote in the latest poll. Look to the right...

Josh has painted the door! Woo-hoo!

THANK YOU to all of our newest followers! Pass this blog on and on and on. If you have a blog, let us know and we'll follow you, too. If you don't follow, you might miss pictures like this...

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Warm, Creepy Day

Soon Lynch will be abuzz with the sound of leaf blowers. Fall has fallen.

The Skev Report - Oh yes, Skev-o-ween popped by! He was sporting a corn-cob pipe, an important piece of his yacht captain costume for work tonight and parties this weekend. Stella and I will visit US Taekwondo for some eyeball pong and treats with Mike and Master Kim. Skev has the holiday spirit, but it's been tough getting his friends out to Salem for all the festivities. He's going to take the train. He remarked that, "you can never truly be happy," but he seemed to be doing pretty well. We checked out the Grassfields menu and it looks pretty good. He's been taking his parents and sister out to dinner and movies lately, so all that taekwondo and catering must be paying off!

The poll results are in and most you voted for purple! We'll take that under advisement if we EVER get to renovating the main office.

New "trick-or-treating" poll to the right in the green portion...

Josh and Bruce got Chinese food for lunch today and Bruce made himself a huge, heaping plate. Check it out...

Thanks to our new followers! If you are a casual reader of this blog, make it official and join the list! Do you have a blog? Let us know and we'll follow YOU!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi, My Name is Bruce Dog…

Pumpkin Fest at Holcroft Park was a success! Four Bev Rec staff members volunteered to paint faces, play basketball and just plain help out. The pumpkins had to be replenished three times and the hot chocolate was completely drained. We stayed until the sun went down and we had a lot of fun.

This morning’s conversation was all about bread and Panera bread bowls. Gail is waiting for a bread cookbook from the library and Jean made a chicken corn chowder and served it in a bread bowl. We have also been talking about pie, apple pie and crisp, ever since Gail baked a delicious apple crisp and Salem Five sent us two pies in the mail. We used our new convection oven to warm them up.

Bruce is moving, since Josh is almost finished painting. Looks like a bright, orange, Beverly sunset in the corner office. I wonder how long he will be able to keep this revamped space neat and tidy?

Visited the Iron Rail Gymnastics Academy this morning and jumped around on the springy floor. It was awesome.

What is up with this crazy warm weather? I mean, it’s nice, but it’s also pretty weird.

According to our most recent poll, the majority of you think we should paint the main office purple. Excellent choice! We will take suggestions for what the topic of the next poll should be, just comment (below), FB, or email me at

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Feel the Love

Bruce, Jean, Gail and I worked in the same office today. Close quarters, but we're professionals and we like each other, so it was kinda awesome. Not to mention the fact that Bruce is so quiet, we almost forgot he was in here.

Stella was only in the office for an hour, but made a huge mess. She left papers, toys, blankets, dress-up clothes and food in her wake. She ate every pretzel, piece of Pirate’s Booty, cookie and raisin in sight. She tried to get into the drawer under the printer, but Bruce’s big, comfy chair is blocking it. She drew a sweet picture of a princess “leaning her head back and enjoying the sun” and then signed her name on the top. Amazing penmanship!

She also put on a little fashion show as you can see here…

The Skev Report – We finally got a visit from Skevtin Bieber!! He's sporting a shaggier hairdo and he has a cold. He missed school to visit the doctor and was considerate enough to slather on the Purell. He catered last night and tried some of the prime rib. Too bad it was gross. I think he agreed to be my GMAT math tutor. Woo-hoo! Skev hasn’t heard any good new music lately, but he did see “The Town”.

Mike told us a hilarious story about visiting Russell Orchards as a kid, buying a dozen cider donuts for his family, but eating them all himself that day and puking all night long! BTW – What’s Brewing makes their own, delicious cider donuts. Skev says he wanders in and out of people’s lives (don’t we know it!), is a self-proclaimed pessimist and he feels most text messages are “snarky”. He said while he may appear to have a soft fa├žade, he’s really hard-hearted, kind of like a chocolate turtle. Skev likes the song, “Runaround Sue” and thinks it would be a good Lip Sync song. We agree!

Josh rose to the challenge and baked delicious, delicious chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies. Soooo good.

Josh also pointed out a spooky visitor, relaxing at the little tykes structure… his name tag says “Marvelous Marvin”, but I think he’s more like Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger. Tis the season!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Super Sub & Sanders

Josh is baaaack! Right now he is sanding his little heart out in Bruce's office and the end of this whole painting fiasco may be in sight. Check out these pics of Josh, trying to fix the antique sander, and Bruce's office today...

Some of us had Super Sub for lunch today and it was delicious. They have a new paint job, too!

I need a math tutor! Studying for the GMAT, I've realized many math concepts I have forgotten (or never learned?) and it's working very much against me. This test costs $250, so I can't afford to fail. Anyone out there good at math?

Don't forget to take the latest poll and keep Joshie in a painters cap for a few more months!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bruce’s Sauna

Josh isn't here so Bruce is steaming off wallpaper himself. Good plan, but the phone has been ringing off the hook for him and his office is in disarray, so he’s been answering calls in the main office. The steamer stays on, and the office fills with a semi-stinky, sauna-like haze. It’s therapeutic recreation!

We don’t have special sections anymore because we never see Skev and office baking has been sparse. Might have to start a section on knitting, since Gail has already concocted some cool items for fall and winter.

According our last poll, most of you did not attend the Topsfield Fair. I didn't either, and it has little effect on me, but I do miss candy apples and fried dough.

Online class starts today… it’s time to conquer the GMAT.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

October Rules

Beautiful weather so far this fall and it looks like it's peak foliage time this week. Soak it up at Lynch Park, Dane St. Beach, Obear Park... just get outside and visit your neighborhood park.

I signed up for an online class and am psyched to start it on Wednesday. So much to choose from and many classes are under $90. Check it at our Online Instruction Center.

Mexican for lunch two days in a row. Delicious, but dangerous.

Gail baked brownies with peanut butter cup bits. Jean made blondies last week. Awesome. When is Josh going to bake something with his new, birthday brownie pan again? We'll wait and see.

Bruce's office is the next room to get a makeover, check out Josh's ongoing painting extravaganza...

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Much Blogging in 2 Minutes?

Well, we'll see!

Jean is going to CT with Joclyn for a college visit. While Joc is at meetings and stuff, Jean will be hanging at the local mall. Have fun!

Josh is prepping Bruce's office for painting. Gail and Bruce will shop tomorrow, but it has to be a color that his color blind eyes can see.

I went to see Rock of Ages on Sunday and it was awesome.

Stella has been making a huge mess over here and is relutant to pick it up... so much to do in the last few minutes of the day!

Whomever voted that Stella is going to be a Bad Witch for Halloween, was right. But Bruce Doig would have been awesome!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Now the Bat Makes Sense

I just realized that the bat Skev gave me during the summer (to commemorate my love for vampires) finally makes sense, as a Halloween decoration. Sweet. Now if I can just think of an explanation for the bug guts all over the window…

The Skev Report – Speaking of Skevnotronic, he has been notably absent from the office lately. I know he’s really busy at U.S. Taekwondo and school and tutoring, but we miss his crazy stories. Mike, if you’re reading this, come visit soon! This blog feature will go away if we don’t have antics to report!

Here is a picture of the bathrooms downstairs… hats off to Josh!

Bruce and I had successful MRPA meetings here yesterday, but I wouldn’t be surprised to get some complaints from our colleagues who crashed into the rocks lining the driveway… whoops! We enjoyed leftover Dunks this morning, delicious pumpkin muffins, yessss!

Long weekend coming up, who’s going to the Topsfield Fair? Wait, maybe that will be the subject of the next poll!!

It's a slow news day, but I’ll try to give you a wrap up here…

  • Bruce asked Josh to remove a humongous desk from his office. Josh just started hacking it up.
  • Gail’s cellie has been ringing a lot lately, and she brought in hats she knitted for Stella’s Cabbage Patch Kid, Fiona.
  • Jean’s daughter, Nicole, went to her first St. John’s Prep dance!
  • Bruce’s son, Chris, has been helping Roger install software in his new computer and getting free dinner and movies, in return.
  • I'm psyched for Stella’s picture day and am considering buying new jeans and a fall coat. I worked out at the Y the other day and while I have mad respect, I also had a hard time because I saw too many people I knew and smelled too much terrible body odor.

    Soooo exciting at the Lynch Park office!

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  • Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    Too Much Bertucci's

    I am maxxed out on Bertucci's. I've been there once a week for the past three weeks. It's just too much.

    Bruce and I have meetings tomorrow, but we're not sure who is coming. We are sure that we will be providing breakfast and lunch, even if we're the only ones in attendance.

    We may (finally) be getting Dreamweaver. Maybe, just maybe. Check out to watch the changes as they happen.

    Josh has been here and at his new job. We are really happy to still have him around because he's an excellent painter. After finishing the hallway and staircase, he painted the bathroom doors downstairs. Come and check it out, it's WAAAAY better than it used to be.

    Thank you to everyone who donated to our latest cause. Your generosity is going to put a Christmas-like smile on our friend's face.

    Thanks also to everyone who voted in our "Favorite Month" poll. Who knew October was such a popular month? Don't forget to participate in our Halloween Costume poll! It's to the right...

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    Thursday, September 30, 2010

    Abandoned Baby or Remote Control Car?

    There was a noise surrounding Lynch Park today. It was distressing and it sounded to me like a baby had been abandoned and was crying, an animal was injured and crying, or a remote control car was buzzing around. I went out into the park and found… it was a few guys driving their remote control jeep around the parking lot. Boo.

    Josh was here today, risking his life on the tallest ladder in the world, to finish painting the hallway. Jocelyn Cassola warned him that while his new paint job looks nice, it makes the rest of the office look shabby. Great! Now we’ll have to rip all the wallpaper down! Call our feng shui instructor, we need an overhaul.

    We lost one of the sweetest Tykers in the world this week. The whole staff has been posting, RIP CK, on Facebook to memorialize him. Here is a picture to commemorate the little friend we lost and his last summer at Tiny Tykes…

    Thanks for taking our, “Favorite Season” poll. One more day to vote and so far October is winning!

    Free sandwiches at the new Farm Downtown tomorrow. Get yours while their hot!

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    Monday, September 27, 2010

    Monday NoSunDay

    It's a blah Monday at Lynch Park. The space heater is ON! I hear it is going to be this way for a few more days, blaaaah!

    It's almost the end of the day and I am still on hold with Adobe. Another unanswered question, another day without Dreamweaver. Anyone out there know where we can get an inexpensive (and legal!) copy? The Friends of Beverly Recreation has non-profit status!

    There was a lot going on this weekend, painting, weddings, Momball... somehow our staff survived!! Bruce needs another week off. Josh painted the downstairs bathroom doors. Looks great!

    If you are a Beverly resident, don't forget to take the Beverly Public Schools Strategic Planning Survey. It will provide a lot of important information that will help our schools and other community organizations (like Bev Rec!) work better!

    Don't forget to take our, "Favorite Month" blog survey. It's to the right...

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    Friday, September 24, 2010

    Autumn Leaves

    We celebrated Jean’s birthday with gifts and red velvet cake. Great job with the preparations, Gail! Forgot to take pics, but the cake was gorgeous and Jean got to take it home for the fam. Damn fruit flies, if we didn’t have so many, we’d be able to keep cake here!

    The Skev Report – Skevaholic was here for the birthday fun! He got a haircut but I couldn’t tell. He claims it’s shorter in the back. He continues to shed pounds, shop for new clothes and relive his years at BHS with old clothes he fits into again. He was wearing some new Gap jeans with an old button down. Skev is rollin in the dough after his last trip to Foxwoods. He’s up $125 from that and poker, but he decided to back off for now and quit while he’s ahead. We reviewed the week in Grey’s Anatomy (“…people want the love and the tears…”) and compared Briscoe teams and teachers. Even though we’re 11 years apart, we still managed to have a few of the same teachers. Ms. Frenette! He’ll find time to visit us again next week.

    Busy weekend at Lynch with sports teams and weddings, but our rangers will be holding it down. Josh continues to paint the office, even though he’s got another job. That’s dedication, man.

    We’re looking forward to October! Are you? Take our newest poll! The last poll, “Where would would you like to work next summer?”, was voted on by 8 people and each section, Camps, Parks, Beaches and Office got an equal amount of votes!

    One million meetings next week, but we’ll update as much as we can.

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    Tuesday, September 21, 2010

    I Did, I Do, I Will

    The first wedding reception in the Carriage House took place this weekend. Check out some pics below...

    In other news, it's early but it's not a good week for computers at the BRD. One of mine is on the fritz, so no email AND software we ordered is being held up. Blah. Hopefully Russ and Dennis can work some magic and get me back to computer normalcy, ASAP.

    Back to regular work with MRPA tomorrow. Bruce and I have an executive board meeting. Maybe I'll find out about that letter I mysteriously wrote and sent to myself without knowing it.

    Beverly Dog Park meeting last night. We discussed their upcoming fundraiser, Howl-O-Ween, on October 16 from 1-3:00pm. It is a costume contest and they have LOTS of raffle prizes, so come have fun and support a Beverly Dog Park.

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    Thursday, September 16, 2010

    Shades of Green

    The office is getting a new look, inspired by the Spirit Whisper room. Josh is painting the hallways varying shades of green and blue. Speaking of Josh, don't call him an animal lover, even though he does feed and walk Molly's family dogs. He wants all Jersey Shore fans out there to note that Pauly D. is coming to town. Do I smell a Bev Rec field trip (and self tanner)?

    The Skev Report - Skevtastik has not been in the office lately, because he has been hard at work at US Taekwondo and as a math tutor. He has been talking about getting a BAC membership, so Gail put a bunch of coupons on his clipboard, including one for a free spa treatment. Lucky! I hear he'll be in for lunch tomorrow, so hopefully we'll have more news then.

    Bruce has been chillin in the hospital this week, but don't worry, it's a routine procedure when he has his heart medication changed. We are psyched to have him back on Monday, fit as a fiddle.

    Stella started preschool a few weeks ago and she's loving it. She won't divulge much about what she's learning, except a few swear words. She's such a lady, she insists on wearing dresses each day and she always carries a dollar in her huge backpack, in case the ice cream truck drives by.

    We're sending out lots of love to the Lyons family and putting together a breakfast/lunch/snack package to help them out while Patrick is in the hospital. We're delivering it tomorrow afternoon, so if you'd like to contribute food or money to it, stop by tomorrow morning! Get well soon, Patrick!

    Keep your fingers crossed for us this weekend, our first ever wedding reception is taking place in the Carriage House!

    Please take our SUMMER 2011 WORK PLACE POLL, located just above the list of Followers on the right side of this blog.

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    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    Gum Chewing Contest

    Jocelyn and Heather are hard at work, proving who can chew the most gum. Thanks to Jean Sword for providing the gumballs...

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    Tuesday, September 14, 2010

    Weeee’re Baaaack!

    This summer was so busy, we barely had time to blog. Here is the last (4th) edition of this summer’s Rec Rag...

    CONGRATULATIONS! You made it! Can you believe the 8 weeks are over? Time flies when you're having fun. We hope everyone is planning on coming back for more fun next summer. Let’s see what’s been happening at camps, parks, the beaches, and office.

    Here’s some news from the playgrounds. We want to wish Nick Doig a great birthday week! Did he celebrate with plain cranberry juice like Adam did when he turned 21? Big news was that Matt Mc. got a new haircut… thank God! Will Tim Mc. follow suit? Mike C. has had the policeman/military cut this summer to keep cool. Guess he doesn’t like the feel of his hair blowing in the breeze while cruising in his jeep. We heard Bill B., who certainly doesn’t need a haircut. Has been hanging out with “gun people” while shopping at a local business. Ryan L., who is training for next year’s Beverly Gran Prix, may pull out the guns (waterguns, that is) if you ask him for his cell phone number. Justin G. may be able to figure Ryan’s number out, using his magician skills. He is offering his services at functions or parties to amaze your friends. Stop making fun of him, Lauren. Sherry Z. won a couple of bake-offs, although there wasn’t too much competition this year. We know she enjoys baking and eating veggies. Mentor Conor B. has been a big hit with the female mentors who were fighting for a spot at his playground. Was that when Jocelyn C. was teaching the licking game? Did you know that you can’t feel someone lick your elbow if you don’t know they are doing it? That is something for everyone to try when you are with your friends. Connor Mc. might be feeling a bit foolish after being reprimanded by a lifeguard for using flippers and a mask at Cranes yesterday. Matt M. doesn’t know it yet, but he and Jocelyn C. are breaking up… just joking!!!! Sean C., Jackie R., Jenna J., John O., and Max M. are preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse. Speaking of Max M., we’ve heard he is pretty “popular” this summer!

    Now the news from Tiny Tykes. Mary W.O., off to Ireland for a week, could be the designated driver, but they are not renting a car. Bet they will stop at a pub every hour or so to pick up something for her to eat. Rumor has it that she has been spotted peeking through her curtains to see the action at Cove Playground and to keep track of people parking in front of her house. Monica C. got the best present from a camper. Did she whisper hints in the child’s ear? Guess it wasn’t from the child who got stuck in the play structure and Monica and Bryan has a hard time freeing. Good luck to Bryan and Brendan C. and their first year of college. Meghan N. is looking forward to her trip to Disney this coming week. Joclyn B. is glad it is the last day of camp, as she can hardly walk after carrying Tiny Tykers all summer, especially this last week. Their CITs are very good at using their “library voices” at all times.

    There wasn’t too much news with the ACME staff. All the lifeguards like Tim Mc. but anyone who is anyone knows that he is taken, right Sam? Aaron S., who gave an “amazing” review of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, alerted the campers that a NSMT/American Idol star was at Lynch this week. Kids were having him sign their arms and hands. Guess they aren’t the cleanest campers if they never wash themselves.

    Heather experienced her once-a-summer injury, thanks to a camper. At least it wasn’t a result of Terry C. or Kris M. jumping on her. Terry did enjoy throwing Cassie P. and Collette F. into the water at Cranes. Rumor has it that Kris and Terry are like kids in an elevator… they love to push each other’s buttons. Laura M. keeps so quiet and never acts out of line. At least we have a few quotes.

    There is a bit of news regarding the ACME Jr. staff. Kristina L. was injured this summer while off-duty at the beach. That’s one way to avoid those tedious Lip Sync practices. There was a Sarah L. Max M. sighting at the Cheesecake Factory (her favorite date place) before a movie. Sam Stan. Better start now to get his physical form for next summer. Now that the program is over we will miss former ACME Jr. staff member, Molly F., telling us the Boston temperature all summer, upon returning from class and jumping into Late Care.

    The lifeguards have been behaving themselves, unfortunately. Jeff F. was a bit confused this week when offered free ice cream. He went to Capt. Dusty’s instead of coming up to the office. Peter T. was not called to “dead animal duty” this week. Before Emily W. left for school, she was seen practicing her lifeguarding skills with Sean C. in a pool. Rumor has it that Vlad has been randomly texting Emily since she went back.

    If anyone gets locked out of his or her car and left the windows open a bit, Skev is skilled in using a wiffleball bat to unlock your door. He is one to help you solve your problems. He did a great job organizing the Acapulcos night with about 25 people in attendance.

    Quotable Quotes
    Match the quotes with the speakers. They may have more than one quote: Dan C., Skev, Bruce, Gail, Josh, Laura M., Tim Mc., Vlad, Joclyn B., Joscelyn R.K., Just for Fun Guy, Train Conductor, a Tiny Tyker, Mary, Lauren, and Jean.

    *It hurts more going in than out.
    *Don’t put your mouth on my Modell’s bottle.
    *Lauren, I’m really sorry… my foot slipped and I hit your car.
    *I just got Cheerios in my face.
    *Eating healthy feels good.
    *Did you want to ride my caboose?
    *I might have a minikeg but not a six pack.
    *He needed a bigger blower.
    *Popcorn is like a vegetable… it’s healthy.
    *Skev’s eyes match his shirt.
    *It’s like we are amputees. I feel like we are back at ‘Nam.
    *I’m turning myself into Stevie Wonder.
    *Stop and go… that’s what I mean!
    *When you know the girls like I know them…
    *Sweet enough is not necessarily too sweet.
    *Mary is making weird noises.
    *Little People, Big Rec.
    *I’m going to grab some balls.
    *I don’t want to be anything like Kris.
    *Did you pickle your cucumber?
    *I’m going to find crabs.
    *What… are you milkng?
    *Oh my God, my seat is wet!
    *I love it… kids love it… I love it!
    *You’re not old, just seasoned.
    *Sometimes it is good to have a big tool.
    *That will be a good reason for me to come back… stories and fruit.
    *Yesterday felt like Friday, so today, Friday, feels like Saturday.
    *The copy machine does not love me.
    *Tim is a stick kid.

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    Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    Rec Rag 3rd Summer Edition

    It's been too long since our last post... but we're so busy! Lip Sync was awesome last night, congrats to everyone who participated and supported us in the audience. Here is the latest Rec Rag...

    Well, you have all made it through the half-way point of the summer. With a little bit of relief from the heat this weekend, you should all be energized for the ever-so-hectic Homecoming Week. We are looking forward to some incredible performances on Tuesday night. Now, let’s see what's happening with our staff...

    Female staff should take notes on Mary W. O. this summer, a very smart newlywed, who knows some tricks to a great marriage. One example is to go on a girls’ shopping weekend up in N.H. while your husband stays home painting the kitchen in 100° heat. We heard she couldn’t pass up the Coach outlet. Lucky for her, she has had a tiny personal assistant helping her direct Tykes… Bev Rec’s own Stella. Joclyn B. and Bryan R. have been trying to get the kids to groove to the music, walking around Lynch with the boombox cranked.

    Sam Sta. and Steve L. must be making their own lunches lately, as they haven’t been staking out the office for extra lunches as often. Cassie P. and Aaron S. have been seriously working on the “flag” part of their lip sync. Tim M., who looked like a cast member of Lion King at the Luau, and Sam Sto. were perfecting the art of making paper leis. Skev was wearing bear, or should we say bare, attire for the event. Speaking of scary, Captain Blackbeard made his annual appearance. It’s almost enough to pee your shorts. Rumor has it Marco E. and Regan G. had a fun date reenacting the movie “Ghost” at a local pottery studio. Ask Josh where to see a great pic.

    The Adventure Camp staff is trying to create a masterpiece in two days. Someone mentioned that she had a “lip sync fuse as short as the hair in Terry’s ears.” Why was Laura looking into Terry’s ears? Good thing there haven’t been any bears at any of their campsites. Can you imagine Kris and Terry fighting a bear for the camp’s food? Kris has been helping Laura learn the new menu items at the Tavern. Laura would like some good tips, so ask her when she is working and ask for one of her tables. Kris and Laura have also been discussing their love for the Smart Phones. Terry is looking a bit darker lately. Guess he is proof that “A Touch of Gray Works.”

    The family secret's out. Will Mc. doesn’t have the pressure of trying to be accepted to B.C. Tim explained he represents the 4th generation of McAuliffes to attend the fine institution.

    Peter Trainor is the brave go-to Guard when anyone finds a dead animal on the beach. It's going to be busy this week, so all guards best be alert with at least one in the water at all times. Your bathing suits are wet, right? We kept hearing David B. had something for the Rec Rag but never gave us the info. Guess it can’t be that juicy.

    It is pretty funny that out of 6 employees volunteering to give blood for the Red Cross, only Margaret H. and Skev were approved. The rejects included the following: Joscelyn R. K., Lauren C., Robbie D., and Meghan Ch. Bruce just drove them for the snacks and asked for a snack when he stepped into the room. See the B.R.D. Facebook for pictures. At least they got a coupon for free Friendly’s ice cream.

    Take a deep breath & try to relax before the lip sync! One more Rec Rag to go on Aug. 20th. Submit anything to the office by the 18th.

    Quotable Quotes
    Match the quotes with the speakers: Josh, A parent, Terry C., Joscelyn R. K., Bruce, Skev, Josh, Dan C., Gail, Connor, Heather, Brian R., Kris M. (Some people have more than one quote).

    *What do we do if someone throws a stuffed animal and it lands on the roof?
    *Do you feel like your phone is vibrating, but it’s not?
    *There’s a dead bird in the guild room.
    *Who is charging their thing with my thing?
    *People know me.
    *I have the wit of a rapist, although I’ve never met one.
    *I’m the biggest Acme camper in history.
    *I don’t want to ask you why you were in Steve’s pocket.
    *This is what I get for dropping her class.
    *When we are in the office, we need to keep our clothes on.
    *I was just showing Tykes my Woodstock crazy dance with the hippy moves.
    *Human Boy, you saved the day!
    *I just got my phone… Riding Solo is your ringtone!
    *I see a triple rainbow!
    *I feel it in my mind that he is not lying.
    *You just have to go older.
    *She said, “Pay me in dairy.”
    *We are not going to be popping out babies anytime soon.
    *Skev, please button your shirt.
    *Daniel’s hair is getting to much to handle.

    Monday, July 19, 2010

    Rec Rag 2nd Summer Edition

    Second session is in full swing. Some instructors ended the first session with a bang. Bryan R. and Mike C. took basketball to another level and took each other out during a recreational basketball game. Mike C. apparently has a sharp head, as Bryan R. received stitches on his face and a concussion. Mike C. suffered a minor concussion, appearing a bit more light-headed than usual. Luckily Steve L. has his first aid kit in his car and Tim M. got to work, after putting on his gloves, of course. His father taught him well. Skev, alias Rambo, has a huge bump on his head and a black eye, due to a collision at his park. Sam S. is the last one on his staff to prove he his fit as a fiddle. Lucky you have direct deposit!!!! Actually he showed his athletic prowess by climbing Mt. Washington on the 4th of July. Max M., alias “Sailor Boy”, showed his floating abilities in Sarah L.’s pool.

    Corinne W. and Peter T. are an official item, watching sunsets at the beach. Kris M. and Sarah L. were couple-skating at the Roller Palace. How did Skev miss them when he was taking pictures? Jocelyn C. seems to have stolen the “Incredibles” idea from her beau’s playground. Matt M. is so nice… bet he didn’t even mind. Rumor has it that Matt Mc. doesn’t have it this summer. No mentors have that lovin’ feeling this year. Margaret H. is sore from boot camp. Mary W.O. seems to be keeping up with the quick pace, however. We are not sure how her husband is fairing. Nate S. was told that one of his playground kids’ older sister had a big crush on him. Sarah L. who is evidently not too fond of “Wedding Crashers”, is giving little details of the Cheesecake Factory. Stella K. (Cinderella) and Joscelyn R.K. (Princess Leia) made a cute pair arriving at the special event in their costumes. Terry’s son, Daniel, was an adorable firefighter.

    This summer Skev and Vlad are fighting over being the “Rec Dept. Photographer of the Summer”. We may have discovered the one thing that gets Vlad moving. He took a great picture of the Lynch Park hawk on top of the shell. We’re not sure if it was before he tore off all the seagull’s feathers in front of the shocked spectators.

    Alex B. has a talent or curse for having to always clean up poop in the bathrooms. Tim B. scooped up a dead seagull without any problems. Tough lifeguards this year!

    Terry C. and Kris M. made it to the top of Mt. Monadnock, even after making every attempt to avoid the climbing part. They even used the excuse of having to switch vans due to excessive shaking… that was just Kris and Terry bopping up and down to their music playing. Luckily, they made it in time to climb up and down and eat hotdogs by the fire by 9:30pm. Funny we didn’t hear one complaint from Heather or Laura. Lucky for Laura, the staff can wake her up in the morning, since she has trouble charging her phone.

    We are very pleased to hear that Katie Tufts, former Director of Tiny Tykes, is recuperating nicely after surgery this week. Thank you to those who made contributions toward her flowers which her close friend, Mary W.O., sent from our department. Next week there will be a list to sign up for food items to put together a meal for Katie. Let’s make it a meal to remember!!!

    It is almost time to be practicing for the Lip Sync Extravaganza. Who will be more exhausted… the staff or the children? Remember, it is for the children. We heard people have been brainstorming at the Onion & the Tavern to come up with ideas for the performances. Skev probably has some great ideas for songs and dances. Don’t forget to catch Skev on the Bev Rec FB page and blog.

    Quotable Quotes
    Match the speakers with their quotes: Vlad, Josh (3), Sherry Z, Sam St, Emily W, Skev (3), Joscelyn R.K., Jocelyn C (2), Tim

    *Wait, let me put my gloves on first.
    *If I were 10 years younger, I would date him.
    *The mountain beat the poo out of me.
    *I’m a Melanson, and we hate raisins.
    *I think of you Gail. I am selfless.
    *If you want bad lemonade, have Molly make it.
    *I make you feel like you were there. I am a photographer.
    *She’s got anal problems.
    *I’m teaching Tim new things.
    *Yoda is wise. Gail is like Yoda.
    *I’ll put my tongue anywhere.
    *You don’t know me… you don’t know me!!!
    *I look like I'm coming from a strip club with all the ones I have in my wallet.
    *I am a Star Wars geek.

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    Heat Waaaave

    Summer is in full swing! One week of parks and camps down, seven more glorious weeks to go! Bruce picked up sprinklers and now that we have our Rice’s Beach schedule planned out, we’ll be keeping cool in the water and gettin’ our tan on.

    SPOTTED – Speaking of Rice’s, we spotted Rec alumni, Matt Lauranzano and Kelly Novack there! Also spotted, the Lyons' family.

    Stella has been having an excellent time at Tykes, but she's a wanderer who eats other kids’ lunches! She’s got a lot to learn about waiting in line and following directions, but she comes home with all of her stuff and so tired (thanks Tykes staff!). She learned a new word at camp telling me, “Mommy, you’re a doozy!” Cute!

    The first special event was Jacob Brower Day and we served hundreds of dogs, chips and candy bars to celebrate America’s birthday. CITs did a great job organizing and handing out food. I missed out on a dog, but no worries, I got Fritos and Reese’s!

    The Skev Report – No rest for Skev Robichaud! After subbing at ACME, he’s on to Livingstone to fill in for Jackie. ACME enjoyed his company so much, they made cards to commemorate his time spent there. Most kids remarked about his geographic tongue and marvelous beef and cheese body odor. How observant. Skev was filmed boogying on the shell to the sweet sounds of DJ Jazzy Josh. Check Facebook for a short, but sweet, video clip.

    AC survived their first overnight with no throw up in the vans.

    Thanks to the supervisors for very organized and efficient meetings.

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    Friday, July 2, 2010

    Rec Rag 2010 - 1st Summer Edition

    It's been crazy around here... CRAZY! Here is the first legit Rec Rag of the summer. Enjoy!

    Bring on summer 2010! We hope to make it the best one yet, working as a positive, unified team. Welcome back to all veteran employees and good luck to all newbies. Remember, the Rec Rag is our gossip and informational biweekly publication. Drop off any newsworthy info up in the office.

    Josh M. has been doing a great job as the Head Ranger/Medical Coordinator. He is Bruce’s right hand man, who witnessed Bruce hitting every tasting table at Costco the other day. Josh also makes a mean D.J. and got everyone dancing at J.B. Day. Speaking of getting low, Mike A., alias Skev-Z, has been scouted by Alicia Keys’ manager as a Jay-Z stand-in during her Northeast tours. Skev has been practicing his singing as he belts out songs while driving out of Lynch. Connor M. has been doing a great job filling in as ranger in a moment’s notice. Greg P., is sporting a new Friday Night Lights “do” this summer. He might need a headband soon… bet you could borrow one of Tim M.’s. Matt M. has also become a dependable ranger when asked to do different tasks.

    We want to congratulate Mary W.O. on her recent marriage. Heard she rules the roost and made him sign up early morning boot camp. Nick C. has been missed by many little Tykers, but Brendan C. is trying to fill his flip flops. Meaghan N. wins the award for lasting the least hours on the first day. Those little kids are tiring! One of boys must definitely be a go-cart enthusiast when he goes to amusement parks. Monica C. looks like she is doing suicide sprints keeping up with future track stars, including one familiar blonde curly top who is fond of Bruce’s snacks.

    Word is out that an Acme counselor may give Jeff Kaylor a run for his money with his own magical talents. Justin G., you should try out some acts at Trivia Night. Sam S. & Steve L., still attached at the hip, are excited to be near the office food. Who feeds them during the school year? Bev. Rec. couples this summer: Tim & Sam, Josh & Molly, Matt & Jocelyn C., and Marco & Regan. Sarah L. is wearing appropriate ranger footwear. Did you hear she is doing boot camp, as well? She and Mary will kick the guys’ butts in core training this summer, that’s for sure! Skev has been working out since early spring; eating right (all the chicken & grilled veggies you can eat) and hopefully buying a new belt. Bet he can tell you about rollback deals at Walmart.

    The 3 McAuliffe bros worked hard on their 4th of July outfits this week. Glad to see they haven’t lost their touch. The rest of the staff should start planning for the “Big” outfits and look for those career-themed clothes at Savers before next Thursday.

    Adventure Camp survived their first overnight. Heather gave her annual “Deodorant Talk” on the first day and bought a stick for the first aid kit. We are wondering if Kris M. had a bag of popcorn in his tent, since a little birdie told us he keeps one under his desk in school. Kris, congratulations on your new position at Centerville School. Terry made his son so sad by going on the overnight. We actually caught a tad of a sensitive side to Terry, while describing the space picture his son drew for him when he returned. Who knew?

    The lifeguards had a “Baywatch” orientation, swimming from Dane St. to Lynch beach. Bet Jay N. knew that was required and was faking the “looking for a real job” bit. The good news is that all the guards made the swim. It’s probably the most swimming they will do all summer.

    Everyone is invited to enter the cookie bake-off on Monday and taste samples up in the office. Bruce, you better have an entry this time!

    Quotable Quotes
    Match the quotes to the speakers: Mary W., Bruce, Skev, Josh M., Heather B., Kris M., Greg P., a 5 yr. old camper, Alex B.

    *We will grow old together…teaching during the school year and working every summer at the Bev. Rec.
    *No more smelling like Italian subs in the van.
    *Yup, we made it in time and pulled over & got the red puke going. *Someone pooped in the sink.
    *Mary W.O… that’s kind of like J. Lo.
    *Who wants to oil my back?
    *Big gulps, huh? All right… well, see ya later!
    *Josh is my legs.
    *Josh, can you relieve me for a potty break.
    *Sean, come handle this child.

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    Monday, June 21, 2010

    Summer Fever

    Busy, busy! It sounds like a World Cup soccer game in here, bzzzz, bzzzz, bbbbzzzz. Lots to do and one more week to do it.

    Some people say they don't understand this blog, they don't know why we do it. Hopefully YOU think it's funny/informational. Let us know your thoughts and please send some support.

    Josh and I had a meeting at Garden City Pediatrics. In the parking lot I saw this on someone's car... beauty!

    CPR & First Aid took place in the Carriage House today and everyone who signed up, showed up for the class. Bravo! I feel safer already.

    Bake Off #2-Muffins was today and unfortunately, only Jean and Gail participated. Shame on the rest of us! Gail was the big winner with her scrumptuous pumpkin-raisin muffins with cream cheese frosting. Jean was a close second with delish corn-cran-blueberry muffins. Great breakfast, ladies! Thank you!

    No Skev today, friends. Let's hope he's back tomorrow.

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    Friday, June 18, 2010

    We Say it’s Your Birthday

    This morning started out right, with Jean’s coffee cake and a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday for Skev and Heather who turned twentysomething this week. Hooray! Skev is partying at New Divine’s and Fire & Ice in Boston tonight and Heather is probably unwillingly hanging with Joscelyn’s creepy thirtysomething friends at Kitty O’Shea’s. Have fun you two crazy kids!

    The Skev Report - Weekly cookout is today and Skevia Child is grilling burgers and dogs. He was late this morning because it took him a long time to decide between all beef or mixed meat hot dogs. The newly crowned, “King of Early Care” is trying a new schedule system this summer. He’s looking for a sub on day one of camp! Skev is wearing a purple flower in his secondhand aviators today, in memory of the vets.

    Josh and Kris Melanson have such similar handwriting, it's scary.

    Bruce went to see Jimmy Buffett last night! He was on his best behavior, but he and Janet somehow managed to get there with plenty of beverages, but only one small bag of Doritos to share! They enjoyed clips of the Celtics game in between sets.

    Boo, Kobe Bryant. Booooooooooooo!

    We are orientation planning! Suggestions? Send them in!

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    Tuesday, June 15, 2010

    Let the Sun Shine

    So beautiful at Lynch Park today!

    I (Joscelyn) won the Bake-Off! Unbelievable! I owe everything to Stella, who not only helped "bake" the trifle, but also sampled it...

    * Muffin Bake-Off is on Monday, June 21
    * Cookie Bake-Off is on Monday, July 5
    * Bar/Brownie Bake-Off is on Monday, July 19
    * Cake Bake-Off is on Monday, August 2.
    We encourage everyone to cook something OR just taste and vote!

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    Monday, June 14, 2010

    Bake Off!

    Bake Off #2 is going down right now! Josh, Joclyn and Gail came up with a legit voting system and we hope that you will sample the goods all day and VOTE! Banana chocolate-chip muffins, cookies & cream brownies, butterscotch bars and a Heath Bar trifle. We’ll reveal who made what after the votes have been tallied.

    CIT interviews are almost done and we look forward to awarding placements this week. We’re sorry we won’t be able to hire everyone, but we had a lot of fun getting to know you all! Bill and I even conducted our first double interview! Thank you Nicole and Missy for being such good sports!

    Staff have been semi-good keeping the Spirit Whisper room clean. Don’t leave crap in there, it's nice when it’s clutter and odor-free.

    A pre-season Ranger meeting was held last week. Bruce emphasized the importance of proper footwear, clean clothes and wearing your hat the right way. Tim and Probee will have trouble with the last one. BTW, Greg moved out of the Probee phase… he’s just Greg, now.

    The toner continues to give us trouble. Almost everyone in the office tried their hand at replacing it, with messy results. The entire time I’ve worked here, there has been one woman who mastered replacing the toner cartridge, and I don’t think she makes house calls.

    The new floor in the Carriage House is unreal. It is so crazy and shiny and awesome. If you see it, you won't believe it. It led me to uncover a door I never knew was in there and Bill found a new closet. Wow.

    LOST & FOUND: The rangers found a bottle of Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio and 23 beer cans (all empty) in the Rose Garden. Skev found a pair of aviator sunglasses. He hopes they're not claimed because they're sweet. We all tried them on...

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    Friday, June 11, 2010

    A Picture is Worth...

    There is a lot to report, but it's been a long day and an even longer week, so please enjoy pictures of this week and an exclusive video...

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    Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    Josh is the Cookie Boss

    The first official office bake-off has passed! I made sugar cookies (thanks, Pillsbury), Josh made PB/Hershey kiss cookies and Jean made chocolate chip cookie bars. There was no clear winner, but Josh is developing rules and a judging sheet for the next one on Monday. I’ve already got a sweet treat planned and I am actually going to make it myself this time!

    There has been controversy upstairs since Bruce returned from vacation. Molly and Heather did an excellent job cleaning the Spirit Whisper room. It's spotless and clutter-free. The computer is running great (thanks, Russ!) and the file cabinet has space on top where you can prepare a sandwich. Heaven. Unfortunately, much of the clutter has been returned to Bruce’s office, and he is not happy. More boxes of papers and gadgets to sort through! At least Josh was able to make progress on the wallpaper removal!

    CIT interviews are almost over! We look forward to developing the next generation of Bev Rec counselors!

    The Skev Report – Skev-Z has been threatening to take a picture, posing as the Falconer for this blog. He picked up a coffee for me yesterday and this morn he is driving his Buddy to the airport.

    Sorry no OUT OF AFRICA reports lately, Heather has not been feeling well and we haven’t seen her yet this week. Feel better!

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    Wednesday, June 2, 2010

    Who’s The Boss?

    Josh likes Mamma Mia and listens to the soundtrack in his car.

    Bruce returned from his tropical vacation today! He is very tan and sporting a new necklace from Cozumel. It was a bit of a battle to get there, but once they boarded the cruise ship, they relaxed, swam, watched shows and ate to their hearts content. He was happy to see that Josh, Molly and Heather started to remodel and clean his office. What color will he choose to paint it? NOT black and orange, please!

    Summer playgroup started today, and seemed to go without a hitch. Mel even took the group down to the beach despite the gloomy weather. Go Playgroup! Space is still available, BTW!!

    Jean attended a parent/teacher conference at Nicole’s school today. She was so pleased to receive nothing but glowing commentary. Next year Jean will have two girls in high school – time flies!

    Gail made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting to commemorate Bruce’s return and she made a chocolate cake with lemony/vanilla frosting for my birthday last week, yum. Josh suggested a bake-off between he and the office ladies. Bring it on!! I know what I’m making, even though I can’t cook, save for ramen noodles.

    The Skev Report – Heather and Molly found a bunch of classic Rec pics, including some of a volunteer Skevachusetts. We will scan and post many embarrassing photos (of ALL staff) on FB very soon. Skev was a little bummed that he had to wait so long for all of us to say “Goodbye” to him today, but we were engrossed in laughing at Rec photos… whoops! We still love you, Michael!

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    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    Weekend Warrior

    So much going on, so little time and space in my brain to hold all the juicy tidbits. Good thing everyone here has minds like steel traps! Josh spotted me leaving the park last night, wearing Stella’s madras sunhat. I wore it for hours, not even aware that I looked like a clown. Oy! BTW, it’s my birthday today! I will accept gifts in the form of Dunkin Donuts, Sour Patch Kids and solid gold bars. Thanks!

    FREE FIREWOOD in the main parking lot at Lynch. First come, first served, so get it while it lasts.

    Josh reports that Tim is pretty much fully trained as a bus driver, after transporting wood and other treasures around the park in the Late Care van and that Matt Malone is a Blues Brother-In-Training with his dark, black sunglasses. Josh and Skev are our musical Ranger duo, singing their hearts out as they work. Bruce, Josh and Skev did some minor maintainence on the structure and Bruce almost climbed to the top. Of course, I got a picture...

    Speaking of Bruce, right now he's on a boat... you know the song...

    CIT interviews have begun! In three weeks, we will have decisions on who is hired, so stay tuned! We are off to a great start with great candidates and we’re only on day two!

    Mary was here yesterday and she already sent in her arts & crafts order. She’s waaaay ahead of the game, what a pro!

    The Skev Report – Skev-timus Prime is getting a raise at TaeKwonDo! He may also get a raise at catering. He told us to trust him, he’s a weekend warrior, he has all the assets and he doesn’t take crap from anyone. Whoa!

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