Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Summer 2013 Rec Rag - 2nd Edition

Can you believe half the summer is over already? Hope everyone is still having fun! The weather hasn’t been the greatest, but hopefully everything will fall into place on the night of the Lip Sync Extravaganza.

Katie H. had an interesting couple of weeks. She injured her toe on the rocks during the Lynch Olympics; accompanied her injured park child at the hospital looking like a Hawaiian Fire God; and returned to Lynch, only to receive a Coke shower, thanks to Scott B. Will also headed up to the hospital in his Tiki Fire Gods costume, as well. I bet anyone at the emergency room being seen for extreme consumption of alcohol or hallucinogens must have given a double-take when they saw them coming. Brendan L. made the calls and Henry M., Nicole B., and Anna J. helped the little girl, without passing out at the sight of blood. Ashley M.’s dad came to rescue a few times this week. Conor L. and Jenna L. triumphed at the soccer competition, thanks to Jake S. Lucky for Conor, he waited to fracture his wrist the following week. Chris C. was escorted out of Lynch the other night. It must have been an off night from fishing with Dan C. Andrew P. has been advertising for his favorite footwear store, the New England Running Company. Kenny P. sacrificed a possible running record by working as a ranger on the night of the race. His sister has been seen learning to drive with her dad in the parking lot. They looked like they were having a great time.

Congratulations to all the current or former REC runners in the race last night: JRK, Jake S., Allegra, Dante and Marco E., Joclyn B., Hayley M., Regan G., Tim M, Sam St., Molly F., Natalie P., Henry M., Andrew P., Alex M., David B., and Ashley M., Oliver M. (who beat the pack), and Jack D.

The lifeguards have been trying to swat away bees all summer. They bees seem to build a new hive every night. David B. feels bad that he is getting slower running the road race, but sitting at the beach everyday kind of takes away all his energy as he gets older. Connor F., being a cautious one, and so he should, told a boy doing parkour stunts to wait until he was off at 5:00pm to do his tricks.

We heard that the Roller Palace is the place for young love. Scott reminisced about having his first kiss at the Roller Palace while at camp. Jake S. met his girlfriend there, as well.
Jackie R. seems more serious lately. Must be the stress Kris M. puts on for a perfect lip sync performance. Remember… it’s for the children, Kris. We are sure that Tim will, as always, show his art skills.

The rangers have been trying to stay awake and out of trouble. Will M. and Ryan L. were so happy to be added to the soccer competition, after getting the soccer boot earlier. Ryan enjoyed making a homemade uniform in the office prior to the match. Nick T. tells us that if anyone has a problem with anything in Beverly his father or uncle will fix it.

Quotable Quotes

  • We should have a snuggle station. (Corey)
  • By chance, is Jackie R. around? (A fireman pretending to have a purpose in the Carriage House)
  • Crazy things happy when it rains. (Bruce)
  • Pebbles underneath my skin is a good album title. (Ryan)
  • He loves to be on his high horse, representing the Rec. Dept. (Ryan)
  • If there is a girl I can try to flirt with I can get free parking. If it’s a guy hopefully they’ll see Cassie in the window. (Kris)
  • Tell her to get out and check the tire pressure. (Bruce)
  • He’s cooler than the other side of the pillow. (Scott)
  • I don’t have my license, because it was taken away after an OUI on Saturday. (Person trying to get a sticker for her car)
  • That’s the last thing he needs is to lose brain cells. (Scott)