Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Fever

Busy, busy! It sounds like a World Cup soccer game in here, bzzzz, bzzzz, bbbbzzzz. Lots to do and one more week to do it.

Some people say they don't understand this blog, they don't know why we do it. Hopefully YOU think it's funny/informational. Let us know your thoughts and please send some support.

Josh and I had a meeting at Garden City Pediatrics. In the parking lot I saw this on someone's car... beauty!

CPR & First Aid took place in the Carriage House today and everyone who signed up, showed up for the class. Bravo! I feel safer already.

Bake Off #2-Muffins was today and unfortunately, only Jean and Gail participated. Shame on the rest of us! Gail was the big winner with her scrumptuous pumpkin-raisin muffins with cream cheese frosting. Jean was a close second with delish corn-cran-blueberry muffins. Great breakfast, ladies! Thank you!

No Skev today, friends. Let's hope he's back tomorrow.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

We Say it’s Your Birthday

This morning started out right, with Jean’s coffee cake and a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday for Skev and Heather who turned twentysomething this week. Hooray! Skev is partying at New Divine’s and Fire & Ice in Boston tonight and Heather is probably unwillingly hanging with Joscelyn’s creepy thirtysomething friends at Kitty O’Shea’s. Have fun you two crazy kids!

The Skev Report - Weekly cookout is today and Skevia Child is grilling burgers and dogs. He was late this morning because it took him a long time to decide between all beef or mixed meat hot dogs. The newly crowned, “King of Early Care” is trying a new schedule system this summer. He’s looking for a sub on day one of camp! Skev is wearing a purple flower in his secondhand aviators today, in memory of the vets.

Josh and Kris Melanson have such similar handwriting, it's scary.

Bruce went to see Jimmy Buffett last night! He was on his best behavior, but he and Janet somehow managed to get there with plenty of beverages, but only one small bag of Doritos to share! They enjoyed clips of the Celtics game in between sets.

Boo, Kobe Bryant. Booooooooooooo!

We are orientation planning! Suggestions? Send them in!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Let the Sun Shine

So beautiful at Lynch Park today!

I (Joscelyn) won the Bake-Off! Unbelievable! I owe everything to Stella, who not only helped "bake" the trifle, but also sampled it...

* Muffin Bake-Off is on Monday, June 21
* Cookie Bake-Off is on Monday, July 5
* Bar/Brownie Bake-Off is on Monday, July 19
* Cake Bake-Off is on Monday, August 2.
We encourage everyone to cook something OR just taste and vote!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Bake Off!

Bake Off #2 is going down right now! Josh, Joclyn and Gail came up with a legit voting system and we hope that you will sample the goods all day and VOTE! Banana chocolate-chip muffins, cookies & cream brownies, butterscotch bars and a Heath Bar trifle. We’ll reveal who made what after the votes have been tallied.

CIT interviews are almost done and we look forward to awarding placements this week. We’re sorry we won’t be able to hire everyone, but we had a lot of fun getting to know you all! Bill and I even conducted our first double interview! Thank you Nicole and Missy for being such good sports!

Staff have been semi-good keeping the Spirit Whisper room clean. Don’t leave crap in there, it's nice when it’s clutter and odor-free.

A pre-season Ranger meeting was held last week. Bruce emphasized the importance of proper footwear, clean clothes and wearing your hat the right way. Tim and Probee will have trouble with the last one. BTW, Greg moved out of the Probee phase… he’s just Greg, now.

The toner continues to give us trouble. Almost everyone in the office tried their hand at replacing it, with messy results. The entire time I’ve worked here, there has been one woman who mastered replacing the toner cartridge, and I don’t think she makes house calls.

The new floor in the Carriage House is unreal. It is so crazy and shiny and awesome. If you see it, you won't believe it. It led me to uncover a door I never knew was in there and Bill found a new closet. Wow.

LOST & FOUND: The rangers found a bottle of Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio and 23 beer cans (all empty) in the Rose Garden. Skev found a pair of aviator sunglasses. He hopes they're not claimed because they're sweet. We all tried them on...

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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Picture is Worth...

There is a lot to report, but it's been a long day and an even longer week, so please enjoy pictures of this week and an exclusive video...

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Josh is the Cookie Boss

The first official office bake-off has passed! I made sugar cookies (thanks, Pillsbury), Josh made PB/Hershey kiss cookies and Jean made chocolate chip cookie bars. There was no clear winner, but Josh is developing rules and a judging sheet for the next one on Monday. I’ve already got a sweet treat planned and I am actually going to make it myself this time!

There has been controversy upstairs since Bruce returned from vacation. Molly and Heather did an excellent job cleaning the Spirit Whisper room. It's spotless and clutter-free. The computer is running great (thanks, Russ!) and the file cabinet has space on top where you can prepare a sandwich. Heaven. Unfortunately, much of the clutter has been returned to Bruce’s office, and he is not happy. More boxes of papers and gadgets to sort through! At least Josh was able to make progress on the wallpaper removal!

CIT interviews are almost over! We look forward to developing the next generation of Bev Rec counselors!

The Skev Report – Skev-Z has been threatening to take a picture, posing as the Falconer for this blog. He picked up a coffee for me yesterday and this morn he is driving his Buddy to the airport.

Sorry no OUT OF AFRICA reports lately, Heather has not been feeling well and we haven’t seen her yet this week. Feel better!

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who’s The Boss?

Josh likes Mamma Mia and listens to the soundtrack in his car.

Bruce returned from his tropical vacation today! He is very tan and sporting a new necklace from Cozumel. It was a bit of a battle to get there, but once they boarded the cruise ship, they relaxed, swam, watched shows and ate to their hearts content. He was happy to see that Josh, Molly and Heather started to remodel and clean his office. What color will he choose to paint it? NOT black and orange, please!

Summer playgroup started today, and seemed to go without a hitch. Mel even took the group down to the beach despite the gloomy weather. Go Playgroup! Space is still available, BTW!!

Jean attended a parent/teacher conference at Nicole’s school today. She was so pleased to receive nothing but glowing commentary. Next year Jean will have two girls in high school – time flies!

Gail made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting to commemorate Bruce’s return and she made a chocolate cake with lemony/vanilla frosting for my birthday last week, yum. Josh suggested a bake-off between he and the office ladies. Bring it on!! I know what I’m making, even though I can’t cook, save for ramen noodles.

The Skev Report – Heather and Molly found a bunch of classic Rec pics, including some of a volunteer Skevachusetts. We will scan and post many embarrassing photos (of ALL staff) on FB very soon. Skev was a little bummed that he had to wait so long for all of us to say “Goodbye” to him today, but we were engrossed in laughing at Rec photos… whoops! We still love you, Michael!

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