Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Back to reality! Summer vacation is just about over, we’ve come to the end of camp and park, and we’re back down to about 10 employees here at Bev Rec. Has anyone else noticed the chill to the air in the morning and evening? We’re thinking Fall as we plan the next evening enrichment schedule, with visions of jack o’lanterns and wild turkeys dancing in our heads.

The Skev Report – Tykes is over, but that hasn’t stopped Skev U.P. from spending time at the Recreation Office with the rest of us. This week he cleaned up his camp area, gave us advice on birthday presents, reinvigorated our computers and went paddleboarding (SUP!) with me and a bunch of buddies. It’s unfortunate that he had to see me in my bathing suit, but we did get all the way to the Jubilee Yacht Club before we headed back for home. Great workout, thanks to the Kayak Learning Center! Skev remarked, regarding Stevie Wonder's recent romantic woes, "Who divorces a blind man?" Who divorces Stevie, is more like it! Skev is headed for some relaxation at Foxwoods this weekend, that and getting his classroom ready at BHS. Best of luck, Michael! Don’t be a stranger!

Gail handed over the back of the Late Care timesheet today, and it contained their end of the summer awards! So cool! Here they are:
  • Stefany = Late Care Backbone
  • Corey = Most Fierce / Janice Dickinson Memorial Award
  • Katie = Best Hugs
  • Megan B. = Most Innovative
  • Hannah = Best C.I.T.
  • Meghan N. = Most Nurturing
  • Jake = Best Athletic
  • Hayley = The Sweetest Lady Award
  • Jackie = Best Director of Late Care Ever
We still have a ton of burgers and dogs, so staff, be on the lookout for a cookout!

Also, we have two special birthdays next week, so come down and extend your well-wishes to Bruce and Josh on Wednesday!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer 2012 Rec Rag, 4th Edition

Can you believe it is the end of our summer 2012 program? Everyone has been busy keeping the youth of Beverly happy for the past 8 weeks. This is the last edition of the Rec Rag for the summer and are trying to include all members of staff, even if we had to make up some dirt.

Let’s start with the playground staff. It has been made known that Tim A. feels the need to have a girlfriend at all times and tries to show off for them by running along the golf cart driven by Ryan L. and Justin G. Nicole B. has been taking lessons with the Jossola School of Driving and even hit the highway. Janessa B., cuddling with Alex M. at the meeting, was a wonderful contribution to her wiffleball team. Megan B. will be Justice of the Peace for Jackie R.’s wedding, whenever that might be. Erin B. couldn’t escape Tim M. and Kris M. living out Shark Week. Chris C. makes a great Dr. Seuss, when he is not throwing mulch at kids or ignoring trash at the park. Brendan L., who is not 35 as his park kids think, had unexpected visitors in blue who stopped by his man cave. Brian L. almost knocked a kid out when he jumped on his back. Andrew P, the only man standing in the Hannah Park family of 2010, was a good boy at the fireworks. Katie S. dislocated her kneecap at Livingstone Park but still managed to go to the special event. Tom W. was doing suicide sprints at Livingstone Park in the rain this week. Monica C. and Nicole M. were both sick from McD’s one day. Didn’t they look cute driving to the special event together on the scooter? Rachel F., who should get the Veteran of the Year award, had to take care of 13 kids alone at Cranes. Justin G. only did a minimum amount of magic this summer. Katie H. and Alex M. were wearing matching socks at the wiffleball tournament. Anna J. asked Corey M. to be her best friend… just like Ryan L. and Will M. Speaking of Ryan L., again we must stress that he needs a new alarm clock before returning to college. Marc B. was throwing up off a balcony for the 2nd year in a row. Corey M. is the new U.F.O. at Lynch as he shares his unfiltered offerings. He and Nicole B. have logged quite a few miles walking across the city to visit with other parks the past two weeks. Kenny P. and Dan C. were seen strutting around like musclemen while rangering during Homecoming. Jocelyn R. didn’t panic when a park child had a panic attack at the Carnival. Holly R., the doctor of the Rec. Dept., enjoys long strolls through the aisles at Market Basket on Saturday mornings. Bill continues to celebrate his birthday with friends and fellow staff members. Matt Mc. was hurting after the wiffleball tournament. Missy K., the sub, needed a sub for herself more times than she worked.  

The Tiny Tykes staff had a great time taking turns being director of the day. Regan, sporting a wonderful Kentucky Derby hat, is it a coincidence that you are transferring to a college near Marco E.? Stefany H. was an early bird getting ready for Beach Day. Katie L., not planning ahead, unfortunately, wore a white shirt on Water Day. Meghan wore a realistic nurse’s costume on Halloween. Skev had a great rapport with the Tiny Tykes madres, with lingering phone calls and private pick ups for cookies.  

Margaret, doing a great job at Acme, wants to start up a donut/pizza shop with Sam St. Joclyn B., who tried to straighten out a rude person who cut all the kids in the food line, couldn’t escape being thrown in at Cranes. Rachel C. got to sleep on the comfy couch. Nick D. covering up the graffiti of the Heady Rascals. It took the whole summer to learn that his shift didn’t start at 2. Hayley shed some tears when she thought she was bypassed for a gate shift. She, Katie L. and Nicole B., the 3 musketeers, had a serious meeting in the car at Lynch Park over the weekend. Dan C. won Laser Quest against all the children. Connor M., a.k.a. Coco, shaved his beard and looks older to some and younger to others. You be the judge.

The Top of the Food Chain behaved themselves some of the time this summer. Kris M. and Tim M. had a team meeting at Acapulcos before checking on the Acme overnite. Rumor has it that Cassie P. looked forward to nights when A.C. went to Acapulcos. Guess she just likes Mexican food :) Jackie R. stepped on a stick which went through her foot and ripped it out.  

Sam St. fearless leader of Acme Jr. will have to steal food from the BHS caf now that the summer is over. I think he had his fill of cheese curls, chips, and anything else he could find around the office. Alyssa C. fit right in as a full-time staff member this year. Jake S. celebrated his birthday with shots (from his doctor). Marco E. got picked up by the whole fam after his ranger shift. Allegra E. was seen running by picturesque Dane St. Beach everyday this summer. Kristina L. will hopefully survive getting her wisdom teeth out. Aaron S. will miss seeing grandma every Friday to pick up his check. Will he have to check in with her every Friday during the school year? Carolyn T. dressed up for every special event and beat the Mcauliffes this summer.  

The lifeguards have been so helpful this summer, gladly performing in the Lip Sync, bringing their equipment to the beaches when the rangers were busy, and rescuing the public in face of danger. Corinne W. and Pat W. made saves with the use of kayaks this summer. Alex B. (or Ben B.) enjoyed the Onion post-Lip Sync. Connor F., best bro eva, drove his very agitated sister, Kelsey F., home on Sat. Tim B. was seen crying when Corinne W. left for school. Olivia W. earns the Best Head Guard of the decade, with not one complaint.  

J.R.K. has been going to all sorts of functions lately, requesting and dancing to “Call Me Maybe.” Josh is going to make a CD of her favorite hits after he strikes it rich at Mohegan Sun. Will, trying to catch a slow high fly, injured his hand and visited his dad at the ER to have x-rays. Jossola, Will, and Ryan made an interesting trio exchanging clothing at Cranes. Scott was a bit embarrassed when Jossola was picked up by the cops on the return trip from Old Orchard Beach for an expired registration.

Well, it was a great summer. Thanks for all your hard work. Good luck at school and work and we look forward to seeing all your smiling faces next summer.

Quotable Quotes
From:  Jocelyn, Tree Hugger, Ryan Lane, Josh Ricker, BG Kids, Will M, Sam S, Josh, Skev, Gail, Jean, Scott, Bruce, Person at Gate, Person Driving Down Access Road, Adventure Campers, Mrs. Cassola, Monica C, Nicole M, Kris M, Kenny P, Matt Mc
  • You are doing great with the kids, you know that right?
  •  I have a Yabba Dabba Doo time everyday at Lynch Park
  •  Do you have a parking lot at Lynch Park?
  •  I’m from Beverly… see that minivan right there? That’s my ex-wife’s.
  •  Are you hot… cuz you look like you could use water
  •  I think I have seaweed in my suit… no it’s just a wedgie
  •  I hate the fashion industry… it sucks
  •  I know that Matt McAniff is sore
  •  I don’t like metal forks, they scare me
  •  I give free hugs, not drugs
  •  Aliens don’t have to be fully clothed
  •  Skev is built like a Greek god, but he is a Geek god
  •  Do you know where we keep the wood for the fire?
  •  You should know by now that nothing at the Rec. Department is between two people
  •  My relationship is excellent, but I’m not sure it is healthy
  •  There are strangers hiding everywhere
  •  I don’t have to stop talking, it’s my mouth, God made it
  •  You are a sass machine, Sasquach
  •  Scott has baby hands
  •  You’re husty. Husky and crusty.
  •  I want him to be my son-in-law (about Will M)
  •  The kid peed on me after I walked him to my friend’s house to go to the bathroom
  •  You gotta plant the seed with a relationship
  •  Is that your towel I just kicked sand on? I’m sorry… can I have your number?
  •  Hey… Hey… Heyyyyyy
  •  Hey beefcake (to a park kid)
  •  I got about three more years in the Rec and then I’ll be a principal
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Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer 2012 Rec Rag, 3rd Edition

Wow, only 2 more weeks of the summer program. Time sure flies by when you are having fun! Congratulations to all playgrounds and camps for putting on outstanding performances at the Lip Sync Extravaganza. Homecoming week is crazy as usual and Bruce and all the rangers are doing a great job. Let’s give them a break on Monday when it is all over.

The Tiny Tykes staff has been licking each other’s elbows. Wonder if the kids are picking it up? A seagull pooped on Regan the other day. Are you sure it wasn’t Connor M. or Dan C.? Just a heads up…keep your fries out of sight from Skev. In one second he managed to enter the room, utter a quick paragraph, and tip over all of Josh’s fries and ketchup.

Three of the Acme Jr. instructors ran the Homecoming race last night. Wonder if things were quiet in the Egizi household after Allegra beat her brother, Marco. Jake S. and Andrew P. were passed by Kenny P. Other staff members who ran the race were JRK, Margaret, Hayley,(along with bro Adam), Joclyn B., Greg P., Olivia W., Will, Kris M., Tim Mc., Sam Sto., Sarah A., Sabrina B., Tim Mc, Sarah L., and Regan G. Ryan L. almost ran over a runner going down the access road. Luckily, Jossola grabbed the wheel.

Megan B. and Andrew P. have been doing a great job at Goldway this summer and the kids are having a fun time. Katie H. loves working at Lynch. She has spent a lot of time in the office with Will M. Rachel F. enjoys the special event bus rides so much that she insisted on taking it on her off week for the Carnival. Corey M. and Nicole B. swept the bathroom floors spotless, yet forgot the key thing…extra toilet paper. Marc B. and Margaret H. competed in the obstacle course before the kids tried it. Other instructors came out with skin burns on their bodies like JRK and Monica C. Jocelyn R., playing a Damsel in distress routine, ran out of gas at Lynch and needed Marc B., Alex M., and Matt M. to push her car. After Ryan and Will, the dynamic duo, brought her gas, she went on her merry way. We know Will must have bought the gas for her. Ryan didn’t have any money on him. Sound familiar?

The lifeguards are a friendly and social group this summer and even get along with the head guard. Tim B. has yet to give proof that he is actually a certified lifeguard. Ben C. is ready to trade in his lifeguard tank for a ranger tee. Nice job in the Lip sync performance. On Sunday night, Corinne W., Back Jesus, Kelsy Flynn, and Olivia W. joined Jocelyn C., Josh M., Connor M., Will M., Scott B, and Ryan L. to perfect their performance.

Just to let you know, we have an official “infirmary,” located in the “Spirit Whisper” room. Even though there is a comfy couch in the “infirmary” JRK chose to take an energizing power nap on the floor under the folding table in the office. They do it at work in Japan, right? We know Ryan L. prefers the area by the Rose Garden between shifts.

Margaret “Chatterbox” Hall would not stop talking at Trivia, thus making them lose. Maybe she should get banned from the “cool” table next week. Applebee’s must have missed them this week due to the Lip Sync Extravaganza. At Acme people are learning things all the time. When the idea of water polo came up, Joclyn B. said she could play it in her pool. Hayley said she could if she had a horse. Joclyn B. was the favorite daughter of the day when she met her mom at the emergency room the other night. Too bad her mom can’t run in the rain with flip flops. Rumor has it that Tim M. is not the favorite brother in the McAuliffe household, as he still owes his brother Connor M. $1,000.Connor needs to cash in all the gifts Tim has given his sweetheart to get it back. Dan C. is not a true ranger for giving up a lot of shifts to play and watch baseball, so don’t get upset for not being asked to be in the ranger lip sync.

Cam and Tim, new additions to the BRD, were watching a massive make-out session in the Rose Garden. Josh M., revealed that he couldn’t play high school because of anger issues. It all started when he was a youngin in the crazy Melanson household. He is trying to calm down as he gets older. In fact, he is looking for a snuggle bunny. Anyone interested, call 1-800-snuggle. Ryan L. enjoyed a delicious haddock dinner, Caesar salad, and coffee but found out he didn’t have enough money. Jossola came through again. Continuing with his search for free food, Ryan divulged the secret of his perfect day…sharing a bite or bites of chicky chicky parm parm with Will M. Just a reminder, we are selling tickets for the wrestling match involving Will and Ryan for the prize of Ray Bans in the office. Katie H. will be selling the tickets.

Quotable Quotes
Match the quotes with the correct speakers. Some may have a lot of quotes, especially Josh. (Josh, Skev, Nicole B., Jossola, Tim M., Kris M., Ryan L., Camper)
  • What’s up donkey?
  • Don’t test me…I’ll bring back the Skev Shimmy Car Wash.
  • I can strut it like no other.
  • I moustache you a question.
  • If Jennifer Aniston came here…I’m just sayin’
  • George Clooney would be accepted by every girl.
  • Jean, you always know what I need.
  • Love and hate = obsession.
  • I remember Regan, shyest girl on the block.
  • Jean B. brings the sass when it comes to Rec Rag material.
  • You were hiding another stash of crackers.
  • Rec couples can be a disaster or a success.
  • Why are you talking in a different accident?
  • Abracadabra…when asked what the magic word was when asking for help.
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