Thursday, September 30, 2010

Abandoned Baby or Remote Control Car?

There was a noise surrounding Lynch Park today. It was distressing and it sounded to me like a baby had been abandoned and was crying, an animal was injured and crying, or a remote control car was buzzing around. I went out into the park and found… it was a few guys driving their remote control jeep around the parking lot. Boo.

Josh was here today, risking his life on the tallest ladder in the world, to finish painting the hallway. Jocelyn Cassola warned him that while his new paint job looks nice, it makes the rest of the office look shabby. Great! Now we’ll have to rip all the wallpaper down! Call our feng shui instructor, we need an overhaul.

We lost one of the sweetest Tykers in the world this week. The whole staff has been posting, RIP CK, on Facebook to memorialize him. Here is a picture to commemorate the little friend we lost and his last summer at Tiny Tykes…

Thanks for taking our, “Favorite Season” poll. One more day to vote and so far October is winning!

Free sandwiches at the new Farm Downtown tomorrow. Get yours while their hot!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday NoSunDay

It's a blah Monday at Lynch Park. The space heater is ON! I hear it is going to be this way for a few more days, blaaaah!

It's almost the end of the day and I am still on hold with Adobe. Another unanswered question, another day without Dreamweaver. Anyone out there know where we can get an inexpensive (and legal!) copy? The Friends of Beverly Recreation has non-profit status!

There was a lot going on this weekend, painting, weddings, Momball... somehow our staff survived!! Bruce needs another week off. Josh painted the downstairs bathroom doors. Looks great!

If you are a Beverly resident, don't forget to take the Beverly Public Schools Strategic Planning Survey. It will provide a lot of important information that will help our schools and other community organizations (like Bev Rec!) work better!

Don't forget to take our, "Favorite Month" blog survey. It's to the right...

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Autumn Leaves

We celebrated Jean’s birthday with gifts and red velvet cake. Great job with the preparations, Gail! Forgot to take pics, but the cake was gorgeous and Jean got to take it home for the fam. Damn fruit flies, if we didn’t have so many, we’d be able to keep cake here!

The Skev Report – Skevaholic was here for the birthday fun! He got a haircut but I couldn’t tell. He claims it’s shorter in the back. He continues to shed pounds, shop for new clothes and relive his years at BHS with old clothes he fits into again. He was wearing some new Gap jeans with an old button down. Skev is rollin in the dough after his last trip to Foxwoods. He’s up $125 from that and poker, but he decided to back off for now and quit while he’s ahead. We reviewed the week in Grey’s Anatomy (“…people want the love and the tears…”) and compared Briscoe teams and teachers. Even though we’re 11 years apart, we still managed to have a few of the same teachers. Ms. Frenette! He’ll find time to visit us again next week.

Busy weekend at Lynch with sports teams and weddings, but our rangers will be holding it down. Josh continues to paint the office, even though he’s got another job. That’s dedication, man.

We’re looking forward to October! Are you? Take our newest poll! The last poll, “Where would would you like to work next summer?”, was voted on by 8 people and each section, Camps, Parks, Beaches and Office got an equal amount of votes!

One million meetings next week, but we’ll update as much as we can.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Did, I Do, I Will

The first wedding reception in the Carriage House took place this weekend. Check out some pics below...

In other news, it's early but it's not a good week for computers at the BRD. One of mine is on the fritz, so no email AND software we ordered is being held up. Blah. Hopefully Russ and Dennis can work some magic and get me back to computer normalcy, ASAP.

Back to regular work with MRPA tomorrow. Bruce and I have an executive board meeting. Maybe I'll find out about that letter I mysteriously wrote and sent to myself without knowing it.

Beverly Dog Park meeting last night. We discussed their upcoming fundraiser, Howl-O-Ween, on October 16 from 1-3:00pm. It is a costume contest and they have LOTS of raffle prizes, so come have fun and support a Beverly Dog Park.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shades of Green

The office is getting a new look, inspired by the Spirit Whisper room. Josh is painting the hallways varying shades of green and blue. Speaking of Josh, don't call him an animal lover, even though he does feed and walk Molly's family dogs. He wants all Jersey Shore fans out there to note that Pauly D. is coming to town. Do I smell a Bev Rec field trip (and self tanner)?

The Skev Report - Skevtastik has not been in the office lately, because he has been hard at work at US Taekwondo and as a math tutor. He has been talking about getting a BAC membership, so Gail put a bunch of coupons on his clipboard, including one for a free spa treatment. Lucky! I hear he'll be in for lunch tomorrow, so hopefully we'll have more news then.

Bruce has been chillin in the hospital this week, but don't worry, it's a routine procedure when he has his heart medication changed. We are psyched to have him back on Monday, fit as a fiddle.

Stella started preschool a few weeks ago and she's loving it. She won't divulge much about what she's learning, except a few swear words. She's such a lady, she insists on wearing dresses each day and she always carries a dollar in her huge backpack, in case the ice cream truck drives by.

We're sending out lots of love to the Lyons family and putting together a breakfast/lunch/snack package to help them out while Patrick is in the hospital. We're delivering it tomorrow afternoon, so if you'd like to contribute food or money to it, stop by tomorrow morning! Get well soon, Patrick!

Keep your fingers crossed for us this weekend, our first ever wedding reception is taking place in the Carriage House!

Please take our SUMMER 2011 WORK PLACE POLL, located just above the list of Followers on the right side of this blog.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gum Chewing Contest

Jocelyn and Heather are hard at work, proving who can chew the most gum. Thanks to Jean Sword for providing the gumballs...

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weeee’re Baaaack!

This summer was so busy, we barely had time to blog. Here is the last (4th) edition of this summer’s Rec Rag...

CONGRATULATIONS! You made it! Can you believe the 8 weeks are over? Time flies when you're having fun. We hope everyone is planning on coming back for more fun next summer. Let’s see what’s been happening at camps, parks, the beaches, and office.

Here’s some news from the playgrounds. We want to wish Nick Doig a great birthday week! Did he celebrate with plain cranberry juice like Adam did when he turned 21? Big news was that Matt Mc. got a new haircut… thank God! Will Tim Mc. follow suit? Mike C. has had the policeman/military cut this summer to keep cool. Guess he doesn’t like the feel of his hair blowing in the breeze while cruising in his jeep. We heard Bill B., who certainly doesn’t need a haircut. Has been hanging out with “gun people” while shopping at a local business. Ryan L., who is training for next year’s Beverly Gran Prix, may pull out the guns (waterguns, that is) if you ask him for his cell phone number. Justin G. may be able to figure Ryan’s number out, using his magician skills. He is offering his services at functions or parties to amaze your friends. Stop making fun of him, Lauren. Sherry Z. won a couple of bake-offs, although there wasn’t too much competition this year. We know she enjoys baking and eating veggies. Mentor Conor B. has been a big hit with the female mentors who were fighting for a spot at his playground. Was that when Jocelyn C. was teaching the licking game? Did you know that you can’t feel someone lick your elbow if you don’t know they are doing it? That is something for everyone to try when you are with your friends. Connor Mc. might be feeling a bit foolish after being reprimanded by a lifeguard for using flippers and a mask at Cranes yesterday. Matt M. doesn’t know it yet, but he and Jocelyn C. are breaking up… just joking!!!! Sean C., Jackie R., Jenna J., John O., and Max M. are preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse. Speaking of Max M., we’ve heard he is pretty “popular” this summer!

Now the news from Tiny Tykes. Mary W.O., off to Ireland for a week, could be the designated driver, but they are not renting a car. Bet they will stop at a pub every hour or so to pick up something for her to eat. Rumor has it that she has been spotted peeking through her curtains to see the action at Cove Playground and to keep track of people parking in front of her house. Monica C. got the best present from a camper. Did she whisper hints in the child’s ear? Guess it wasn’t from the child who got stuck in the play structure and Monica and Bryan has a hard time freeing. Good luck to Bryan and Brendan C. and their first year of college. Meghan N. is looking forward to her trip to Disney this coming week. Joclyn B. is glad it is the last day of camp, as she can hardly walk after carrying Tiny Tykers all summer, especially this last week. Their CITs are very good at using their “library voices” at all times.

There wasn’t too much news with the ACME staff. All the lifeguards like Tim Mc. but anyone who is anyone knows that he is taken, right Sam? Aaron S., who gave an “amazing” review of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, alerted the campers that a NSMT/American Idol star was at Lynch this week. Kids were having him sign their arms and hands. Guess they aren’t the cleanest campers if they never wash themselves.

Heather experienced her once-a-summer injury, thanks to a camper. At least it wasn’t a result of Terry C. or Kris M. jumping on her. Terry did enjoy throwing Cassie P. and Collette F. into the water at Cranes. Rumor has it that Kris and Terry are like kids in an elevator… they love to push each other’s buttons. Laura M. keeps so quiet and never acts out of line. At least we have a few quotes.

There is a bit of news regarding the ACME Jr. staff. Kristina L. was injured this summer while off-duty at the beach. That’s one way to avoid those tedious Lip Sync practices. There was a Sarah L. Max M. sighting at the Cheesecake Factory (her favorite date place) before a movie. Sam Stan. Better start now to get his physical form for next summer. Now that the program is over we will miss former ACME Jr. staff member, Molly F., telling us the Boston temperature all summer, upon returning from class and jumping into Late Care.

The lifeguards have been behaving themselves, unfortunately. Jeff F. was a bit confused this week when offered free ice cream. He went to Capt. Dusty’s instead of coming up to the office. Peter T. was not called to “dead animal duty” this week. Before Emily W. left for school, she was seen practicing her lifeguarding skills with Sean C. in a pool. Rumor has it that Vlad has been randomly texting Emily since she went back.

If anyone gets locked out of his or her car and left the windows open a bit, Skev is skilled in using a wiffleball bat to unlock your door. He is one to help you solve your problems. He did a great job organizing the Acapulcos night with about 25 people in attendance.

Quotable Quotes
Match the quotes with the speakers. They may have more than one quote: Dan C., Skev, Bruce, Gail, Josh, Laura M., Tim Mc., Vlad, Joclyn B., Joscelyn R.K., Just for Fun Guy, Train Conductor, a Tiny Tyker, Mary, Lauren, and Jean.

*It hurts more going in than out.
*Don’t put your mouth on my Modell’s bottle.
*Lauren, I’m really sorry… my foot slipped and I hit your car.
*I just got Cheerios in my face.
*Eating healthy feels good.
*Did you want to ride my caboose?
*I might have a minikeg but not a six pack.
*He needed a bigger blower.
*Popcorn is like a vegetable… it’s healthy.
*Skev’s eyes match his shirt.
*It’s like we are amputees. I feel like we are back at ‘Nam.
*I’m turning myself into Stevie Wonder.
*Stop and go… that’s what I mean!
*When you know the girls like I know them…
*Sweet enough is not necessarily too sweet.
*Mary is making weird noises.
*Little People, Big Rec.
*I’m going to grab some balls.
*I don’t want to be anything like Kris.
*Did you pickle your cucumber?
*I’m going to find crabs.
*What… are you milkng?
*Oh my God, my seat is wet!
*I love it… kids love it… I love it!
*You’re not old, just seasoned.
*Sometimes it is good to have a big tool.
*That will be a good reason for me to come back… stories and fruit.
*Yesterday felt like Friday, so today, Friday, feels like Saturday.
*The copy machine does not love me.
*Tim is a stick kid.

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