Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rec Rag 3rd Summer Edition

It's been too long since our last post... but we're so busy! Lip Sync was awesome last night, congrats to everyone who participated and supported us in the audience. Here is the latest Rec Rag...

Well, you have all made it through the half-way point of the summer. With a little bit of relief from the heat this weekend, you should all be energized for the ever-so-hectic Homecoming Week. We are looking forward to some incredible performances on Tuesday night. Now, let’s see what's happening with our staff...

Female staff should take notes on Mary W. O. this summer, a very smart newlywed, who knows some tricks to a great marriage. One example is to go on a girls’ shopping weekend up in N.H. while your husband stays home painting the kitchen in 100° heat. We heard she couldn’t pass up the Coach outlet. Lucky for her, she has had a tiny personal assistant helping her direct Tykes… Bev Rec’s own Stella. Joclyn B. and Bryan R. have been trying to get the kids to groove to the music, walking around Lynch with the boombox cranked.

Sam Sta. and Steve L. must be making their own lunches lately, as they haven’t been staking out the office for extra lunches as often. Cassie P. and Aaron S. have been seriously working on the “flag” part of their lip sync. Tim M., who looked like a cast member of Lion King at the Luau, and Sam Sto. were perfecting the art of making paper leis. Skev was wearing bear, or should we say bare, attire for the event. Speaking of scary, Captain Blackbeard made his annual appearance. It’s almost enough to pee your shorts. Rumor has it Marco E. and Regan G. had a fun date reenacting the movie “Ghost” at a local pottery studio. Ask Josh where to see a great pic.

The Adventure Camp staff is trying to create a masterpiece in two days. Someone mentioned that she had a “lip sync fuse as short as the hair in Terry’s ears.” Why was Laura looking into Terry’s ears? Good thing there haven’t been any bears at any of their campsites. Can you imagine Kris and Terry fighting a bear for the camp’s food? Kris has been helping Laura learn the new menu items at the Tavern. Laura would like some good tips, so ask her when she is working and ask for one of her tables. Kris and Laura have also been discussing their love for the Smart Phones. Terry is looking a bit darker lately. Guess he is proof that “A Touch of Gray Works.”

The family secret's out. Will Mc. doesn’t have the pressure of trying to be accepted to B.C. Tim explained he represents the 4th generation of McAuliffes to attend the fine institution.

Peter Trainor is the brave go-to Guard when anyone finds a dead animal on the beach. It's going to be busy this week, so all guards best be alert with at least one in the water at all times. Your bathing suits are wet, right? We kept hearing David B. had something for the Rec Rag but never gave us the info. Guess it can’t be that juicy.

It is pretty funny that out of 6 employees volunteering to give blood for the Red Cross, only Margaret H. and Skev were approved. The rejects included the following: Joscelyn R. K., Lauren C., Robbie D., and Meghan Ch. Bruce just drove them for the snacks and asked for a snack when he stepped into the room. See the B.R.D. Facebook for pictures. At least they got a coupon for free Friendly’s ice cream.

Take a deep breath & try to relax before the lip sync! One more Rec Rag to go on Aug. 20th. Submit anything to the office by the 18th.

Quotable Quotes
Match the quotes with the speakers: Josh, A parent, Terry C., Joscelyn R. K., Bruce, Skev, Josh, Dan C., Gail, Connor, Heather, Brian R., Kris M. (Some people have more than one quote).

*What do we do if someone throws a stuffed animal and it lands on the roof?
*Do you feel like your phone is vibrating, but it’s not?
*There’s a dead bird in the guild room.
*Who is charging their thing with my thing?
*People know me.
*I have the wit of a rapist, although I’ve never met one.
*I’m the biggest Acme camper in history.
*I don’t want to ask you why you were in Steve’s pocket.
*This is what I get for dropping her class.
*When we are in the office, we need to keep our clothes on.
*I was just showing Tykes my Woodstock crazy dance with the hippy moves.
*Human Boy, you saved the day!
*I just got my phone… Riding Solo is your ringtone!
*I see a triple rainbow!
*I feel it in my mind that he is not lying.
*You just have to go older.
*She said, “Pay me in dairy.”
*We are not going to be popping out babies anytime soon.
*Skev, please button your shirt.
*Daniel’s hair is getting to much to handle.