Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall is in the Air, Everywhere I Look Around

I just realized that today is September 20… how did it get to be almost fall?  Just yesterday we were spraying each other with sunblock, ironing our Bev Rec tank tops and cleaning the Lynch Beach sand out of our ears.  Summer is G-O-N-E, but not forgotten…

So much has happened since the craziness of camp and park died down.  The fall programs are planned and the brochure has already hit the web and the streets of Bevtown, USA.  I doubt that any of you will be able to tell how I Photoshopped a few unsuspecting beach-goers right off the front cover!  That Adobe training 8 years ago paid off! 

Jocelyn has gone back to school and the Herrick House and Scott also went back to school, but before they left we had a good, old fashioned, Bev Rec breakfast party.  Bruce was on vacation, so we had to rub in the fact that we had one million sausages and “mancakes”, as Josh refers to them.  Skev came by to clean up his Tiny Tykes stuff and couldn’t resist reminding us that… “He’s Batman”.  I am not sure whether or not he prefers Michael Keaton or Christian Bale as Batman, but I’m sure we could have a lengthy discussion about that.

We have since seen Skev a bunch of times (and I saw him at the Gap!), Sam St. came in looking for some sunglasses and he has grown some hair, Nicole M. dropped by to pick up her CPR & First Aid cards and Will and Ryan have been around Lynch doing a little fall rangering.  It’s nice to see our summer staff during the off-season, so if you are in the park during business hours, drop by and say HI!

Getting ready for the NRPA (National Recreation & Park Association) Congress in California next month!  We’re going to Disneyland!

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