Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No Rain

We found a container of whipped cream in the office fridge this afternoon and hijinks ensued...

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Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Rec Rag #3

Homecoming Week is almost at a close and that means... another Rec Rag! Enjoy, there's only one left! AHHHH!

Rec Rag 3rd Edition - Summer 2011

Wow, session 3 has come and gone. Two weeks of summer 2011 to go. It has been a busy two weeks since we last put out the Rec Rag. Inquiring eyes and ears have been checking for any possible “dirt.” We really want to include everyone in the last edition, even if we have to make up things.

The Lip Sync was a success, even if it was the first time there was a rain delay. Parents got familiar with each other in the “circus tent.” Staff got to really know their campers and playground kids. Hopefully everyone had put on plenty of deodorant prior to the event. Kayla D. stayed in the background for the first time during the Lip Sync Extravaganza. Robbie D. and Monica C. aged about 59 years waiting for the Lip Sync to continue. Corey M. and Megan B. were very serious on stage, trying to remember all the correct moves. Sam S. and Ryan L. proved to be a great team by putting on a great performance with their kids, even though Ryan had rejected a perfectly fine cup of hot coffee from her earlier in the week. Tim Mc. certainly didn’t reject the French congratulations from Sam S. when he found out he was hired for a job. Matt M. received a sweet thank you smooch after delivering Jocelyn C. a chicken kabob salad. Newbie Ryan M. has been seen flirting with Janessa B. Later that evening Bill was asked to leave the P.O. to change into another shirt. Speaking of the P.O., Kris M. let his hair down and was dancing very closely with Sarah L. Tim and Sam St. remind Kris M. of Brendon and Rachel from Big Brother. Tim took his intense dance moves to the floor doing the “Dougie” along with Jackie R. and many other staff members.

The Adventure Camp staff survived a stormy trip to Six Flags. Matt M. may never volunteer to chaperone again. Tim picked a good one to injure his ankle for the 10th time this summer. If anyone sees him without a brace on, please yell at him. Jackie R. embarrassed herself by mistaking her sister Jocelyn for Joscelyn R.K. on the phone and giving her the cold shoulder and talking to her in an anything-but-friendly tone. Cassie continues to behave herself and not do anything newsworthy… or hasn’t been caught yet. Oh, this just in… there is dirt on her. Tim and Kris couldn’t stop crying after laughing so hard watching Cassie and Jackie jumping into the Ipswich River. Although the water was only 3 feet deep, they continued to struggle to prevent their lovely pedicured feet from touching the bottom. The part they underestimated was how thick the seaweed or “river weed” was, which was pulling them down like quicksand. They literally spent 10 minutes not knowing what to do. Cassie was also excited to go to the Red Sox game with the A.C. staff and seeing Jacoby hit a walk-off homerun. She and Jackie also asked if “mounding” was allowed… they’re most certainly pink hats.

The Tykes staff continues to work hard singing songs, eating snack, and looking for hermit crabs. A little Tyker has learned how to do faux painting this session. They were also amused that a child could not say his last name. Even Katie L. knows that since she has her emergency card. Skev, ever the concerned director and citizen, in general, has been concerned about the health status of the Trivia Man. If anyone has any information, please let him know. Marco continues to suck up to Gail to try to get a raise by bringing her homemade pasta and soup. Ryan L. was overheard mentioning that he wanted to surprise Meghan N. with an ice cream; but don’t tell her.

ACME staff members have been pretty low-key the past two weeks. Dan C. revealed the secret that he is not a confident swimmer by wearing a life preserver while in the dunk tank. Hayley M. proved she is brave enough to conquer the “burning skin” Alpine Slide unscathed, as well as the Mountain Coaster at Attitash. Everyone is waiting to see how Connor M. looks after having his wisdom teeth out…probably less scary than he looked at the Luau. The beard might hide the swelling and bruising.

The lifeguards have had difficulty with one physical exercise each morning: bringing equipment to the beach. They are saving their energy for their sports tryouts in a few weeks. Too bad none of them are studying to be taxidermists, since a dead seagull and “bunnycat” were found on the beach. Maybe it’s a good idea that they don’t rake the beach every (or any) day. Who knows what else they would find.

The rangers are causing problems, as usual. Will M., who needs to go to the Y with Tim and Sam S. was seen struggling to bring up a tool box of medical supplies that was as long as he is tall. Will also received a scolding from a “senior employee” for “trashing” Jocelyn C. on the radio. Molly F. and Ryan M. are still looking everywhere for the naked person on the beach. Josh, crying in a corner, was seen receiving kisses on his boo-boo from young people in red shirts. Friends With Benefits has proven to be a popular movie this week. Scott B., with a mystery date, saw Joclyn B. Jocelyn C., Mike C., and Matt M. heard Sam Stan. laughing in the crowd and saw him “macking” later with his G.F.

Quotable Quotes
Match the speakers with the quotes. Some people may have several quotes: Matt Mc, Ryan L, Skev, Kris M, Josh, Sam Stan, Gail, Cassie P, Will M, Scott, Jocelyn C, Camp Kid

· I’m not trying to show my skin. I got the tank tan and want to even it out.
· Watch me do this new trick on the pole.
· Can’t you drag the guy around?
· Josh, when did we get so violent with each other?
· Awesome. Totally. Absolutely. For sure.
· Josh, can you give me a thigh massage?
· Bruce, I’d let you I.V. me.
· I do everything I’m told.
· Jocelyn, come hither.
· Sorry, I don’t respond to Jocelyn anymore.
· There is no “I” in ranger.
· I will roll up my shorts for you.
· I just wanted to lick things.
· Who is your Dahhhddy and what do you do?
· Isn’t it awkward talking on the toilet?
· We Ryal Siders flock together.
· Gotta get me some Sharpies…they so pretty.
· All that comes out of your mouth is sass.
· Get ready…road race is the worst night.
· Where is his boo-boo? I am afraid to ask.
· When you call, make sure you ask them about the package.
· Sneeze more than 3X, get a scratch ticket.
· Josh just doesn’t like his family.
· Your antecubital smells delicious.
· Everybody touch someone.

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