Friday, September 26, 2014


It's fall and we just noticed that we haven't blogged at ya since March... what the, what? Over the next week we are going to do our best to catch you up on all the Bev Rec goings on since the Ides of March came to pass. Let's start with summer, and reprint the one and only issue of The Rec BRAG...

Hard to believe Session One has come and gone. Bev Rec 2014 is off to a wonderful start. After two weeks of hard work and sunburns, it’s time to give some shout outs to some pretty stellar staff members!

*Regan Gelineau is holding it down and then some at ACME Jr. She is the finder of all lost water bottles, the organizer of backpacks and the calm in the middle of the ACME Jr. storm!

*Dan Cashman is directing ACME Sr. like the professional he is. He has his camp playing games all over the park and we are very excited to see how his survival/campfire training goes at Camp Paradise this week!

*Kris Melanson is an all-star in every way. Always hilarious and has a great attitude, no matter what obstacles got in his way the day or night before.

*Jocelyn Robichaud not only has one of the most glorious names in the history of names, she excels at multi-tasking and has yet to drop a ball when it comes to any one of her many Bev Rec jobs.

*Rachel Fidrych is like a ray of sunshine and not just because of her bright yellow CIT shirt. She makes a pep-talk to an impressionable, young teen seem effortless.

*Alex Mitchell is a mainstay at Early Care. He is always the first one on the scene and, bless him, he is in perfect health because he bikes everywhere!

*Megan Bromley is killing it at Late Care, but then again, she has some of the best gimp and most dedicated staff to help her out! Even at 5:58pm, she is like a hawk, watching over the last remaining child.

*Corey Malone handles AC, special events and emcee-ing with amazing aplomb. I’m envious of his spontaneous wit!

*Kenny Pierce is great at checking in, offering a helping hand, and getting things done. Thank you so much for being so awesome!

*JRK is continuously extremely supportive of all of her staff members with her willingness to listen, guidance, and open door. Thanks for your positive vibes every day!

*Scott Blanchette has been on HRMC duty not only at Lynch, but starting tomorrow, also at Camp Paradise. He's always ready to transport your stuff in the golf cart or mend your broken arm, and I am thankful for that. He's enrolled in Archery, so look out, Katniss Everdeen.

*Pat Wilson and Dave Birner are lifeguarding and swim testing to their hearts' content. They are suspicious of "the poem" at Dane, but we are starting to think that maybe THEY are the authors... or the subjects?

*Sherry Zide is mentoring the Mentors again this summer, and doing it while looking sweet in her new Bev Rec shirt that features her new last name! I love that she made Rice Krispy treats for the Director Meeting. No one will be sad if she bakes for us again!

*Bruce Doig is like a big dragonfly, flitting from City Hall to Bev Rec to the Senior Center to Veteran's Services and on and on... but his office door is always open and he's good at calming you down when you are fired up about a camp parent's "suggestion" or "letter"... not that I would know...

*Gail and Jean, you know they know what's up. They are always quick to help you through a personal or professional crisis... again, not that I would know...

*Will McAuliffe's unfortunate Cushman Commander accident turned out to be the office's fortune. He has been a huge help on the phones. Thanks, Will!

*Stef Hirschfeld rules for her perpetual positivity and willingness to take on the Rec Brag this session! I always learn something from Stef at her meetings.

*Anita Coombs from BG may be a first year Bev Rec-ian, but she absolutely killed it at her station during World Cup! Awesome job, you’re amazing!

*Jake, Kate, and Jenny are first year Tiny Tyke counselors and have done such a wonderful job taking care of their campers! They have been wonderful additions to the Tyke Tribe.

*Cassie Pavlowich always puts a smile on my face. She’s so dedicated to AC and you can tell the kids really adore her as well! Thank you for your contagious positivity.

And now…some Quoteable Quotes!

“At the parks you got to get your weird out” - Connor
“I need to put on sunscreen. I don’t want melanoma. Do you not read the warnings, Connor, on the posters in the bathrooms?”
“Turn down for what?” – A Tiny Tyke
“Is it play it by ear or year?” - Chachie
“I screamed and pulled apart my shirt in excitement” - Chachie
“All I had in my defense was a serrated spatula” – you guessed it…Chachie

One Rec, One Love