Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weekend Warrior

So much going on, so little time and space in my brain to hold all the juicy tidbits. Good thing everyone here has minds like steel traps! Josh spotted me leaving the park last night, wearing Stella’s madras sunhat. I wore it for hours, not even aware that I looked like a clown. Oy! BTW, it’s my birthday today! I will accept gifts in the form of Dunkin Donuts, Sour Patch Kids and solid gold bars. Thanks!

FREE FIREWOOD in the main parking lot at Lynch. First come, first served, so get it while it lasts.

Josh reports that Tim is pretty much fully trained as a bus driver, after transporting wood and other treasures around the park in the Late Care van and that Matt Malone is a Blues Brother-In-Training with his dark, black sunglasses. Josh and Skev are our musical Ranger duo, singing their hearts out as they work. Bruce, Josh and Skev did some minor maintainence on the structure and Bruce almost climbed to the top. Of course, I got a picture...

Speaking of Bruce, right now he's on a boat... you know the song...

CIT interviews have begun! In three weeks, we will have decisions on who is hired, so stay tuned! We are off to a great start with great candidates and we’re only on day two!

Mary was here yesterday and she already sent in her arts & crafts order. She’s waaaay ahead of the game, what a pro!

The Skev Report – Skev-timus Prime is getting a raise at TaeKwonDo! He may also get a raise at catering. He told us to trust him, he’s a weekend warrior, he has all the assets and he doesn’t take crap from anyone. Whoa!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


It was a busy Tuesday, with many visitors, drug tests and paperwork to be done. I sent one million emails, so sit tight prospective CITs, your interview times are in the mail and we look forward to meeting you! We will continue to accept CIT applications, but we will not grant more interviews unless completely necessary.

Bruce sets sail on his cruise tomorrow! Have a blast, Boss!

Josh Melanson, HRMC, was nice enough to take Stella out on the structure this afternoon. Thank you, Josh!

The Skev Report - Skev the Barbarian was looking tired today. He's been working hard alongside Josh and Tim, cleaning the Carriage House basement. Having found many treasures down there, he awarded me a plastic bat (knowing my fondness for all things vampire) and a pair of red sunglasses for Stella. We are looking forward to the release of the Eclipse movie soundtrack in June.

Reminder: We're closed on Monday, May 31 for Memorial Day.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Skev is Officially an Uptown Girl

Beautiful Monday in Bev. At Lynch kids are swarming the structures and people are walking around in bathing suits! Tomorrow might be 90° so come on down and get a tan on your lunch break.

The Rangers were busy cleaning the Carriage House today. Josh and Skev had matching dirt stains on their backs. Listening to classic Billy Joel, they were reminded of Stepbrothers and the Catalina Wine Mixer, only it was just real life in the basement of the barn.

Josh graduated from college! He celebrated with family and then went out with friends. Always thinking of work, he called one of his rangers late night to talk business. How sweet!

The Skev Report – Skevvy Joel showed up today with scruff on his face and a legit tan from working in the warm Massachusetts sun all weekend. Josh wants to pen a novel about Skev’s life, but Skev doesn’t read novels, being especially unfond of Asimov. Guess there won’t be an I-Skev. Heather asked Skev what kind of reading material he'll bring to his weekend shifts and he said Cosmo.

OUT OF AFRICA – Despite a kidney infection (contracted trying to get used to food, environment and general life back in the U.S.), Heather B. visited with more stories of life as a Mzungu. Her kidney is telling her to “Go Back!” to Africa where the weather is warm and the food is fresh. She tried to make fresh guacamole last night, but her Mom gave her pre-minced, preserved garlic from the fridge. Bummer. She also tried to eat at The 99, but the portions were so large, compared to African meals, she could barely make a dent.

Heather used to eat at a restaurant called McMoody’s (short for McMuhammed’s) where they serve McDonald’s type food like fries and burgers (their specialty, the McWhopper – huh?) and Chinese, pizza and fresh fruit juice. Tim suggested McMoody’s is what we WANT Mickey D’s to be like and Heather agreed.

Heather misses Yolanda, the house girl, who cleaned her clothes with more love than her own Mom. Amazing!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mmmmm, Zebra!

There is too much dessert in the office. We have a pink cake, chocolate and butterscotch chip brownies, assorted lollipops (only for the drug testees!) and Lindt truffles. Good thing I am still running!

Heather Beaulieu made her first appearance at Bev Rec. She brought the pink cake and regaled us with stories of African adventure. Thus the beginning of our newest segment… OUT OF AFRICA!

OUT OF AFRICA – In Tanzania, Heather roughed it, showering less frequently, but enjoying fresh laundry, hand washed in her backyard. When she went out to eat, everything was served “family style” and patrons would just reach in with their hands and eat. No utensils and questionable handwashing didn’t phase anyone. Ketchup in Tanzania was watery and pink and referred to as “tomato sauce”. Pasta sauce was “tomato paste”. Heather learned to eat first and ask questions later, which is a useful tactic when your weak stomach has to eat a zebra. Some of the wealthier men carried guns and had multiple girlfriends/wives, many of whom were Canadian!

The Skev Report - Check this out... we heart Mike!

Thanks to Josh Melanson, HRMC for putting that clip together!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Rangers Have Left the Building

This was a busy weekend for Bruce, carting tables and chairs around for the Gloucester Crossing Yard Sale and Touch a Truck. Both events were successful and we were lucky to have excellent weather all weekend. The drivers loved the free lunch from Super Sub and so did we. I thought Josh was going to bring some to Ranger Skev, but he never made it. We have a bunch of leftovers at the office, so come and get it! Spotted at Touch a Truck was Artie, former Assistant Director of Bev Rec. We exchanged a few pleasantries, I met his youngest kiddos and we parted ways once again.

LOST & FOUND: Skev retrieved a Psychology textbook, cheap sunglasses, 4-5 golf balls and a Bud Light Golden Wheat baseball cap from Lynch this weekend. If they are not claimed by Friday, they will be chucked. You’ve been warned…

The Skev Report – The Skev Ranger noted a bunch of strange incidents while on duty this weekend including an elderly birdwatcher who begged a police officer to run her over with his cruiser and a weird biker who drove down the access road singing, “Smack That”. Yikes. We have uncovered a video from Homecoming 2009 of Ranger Skev busting a move. As soon as Josh edits it, we will feature that video on this blog. It has the Stella seal of approval and hilarity.

Head Guard, Emily Walk, reported for pre-season duty today. Congrats on the promotion, Emily!

Stella Kersker is potty trained and by the end of this week will have a backpack and lunch box for camp. Woo-hoo!

Sheeeeeeeeeee’s baaaaaaaack! Heather Beaulieu is back in the U.S. You heard it here first, folks!

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Freeky Fridee

Good afternoon! It has been a busy day, but I have managed to find the time to fill you in before the weekend...

Right now, Bill is sending letters out to all returning CITs and discussing the amazing twelve-year-old boy who sang Paparazzi in his school's talent show. Gail just processed our new hire on the gate, Jacob Dylengoski. Jake is a teacher in the Boston Public School system and a resident of our fair city. He grew up in Ryal Side (i.e. he took a walk on the Ryal Side). Welcome, Jake! Jean made us muffins, but left them on her kitchen counter! Too bad for us, nice for Mulligan! Bruce has a busy weekend of work. He will be helping the Beverly Resource Group with their first annual Yard Sale on Saturday and running the Touch A Truck event at the Cummings Center on Sunday. I just finished entering a summer's worth of events on our online calendar and eating a bag of Sour Skittles. Busy, busy!

The Skev Report - Skevy Gaga worked today, dropping off brochures. He has bad allergies and blew his nose 63 times. He says people are always picking up what he's lying down. Right on, Skev.

New Employees - Stefany Hirschfeld, Allison Kostrubanic, Brendan LeComte and Jake Stokes were hired to work at Beverly Recreation this summer! We enjoyed interviewing EVERYONE and we appreciate everyone's effort and energy. If we had more jobs, we would have hired all of you. Congrats and thanks are in order for everyone.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let’s Have Some Fun, This Beat is Sick

Bruce and I were at another MRPA meeting when Skev visited yesterday, but he left interesting insights and music behind.

The Skev Report – As promised, Skevver McGee burned Lady Gaga CDs for me! Stella and I have been listening intently and quickly learned there is PG-13 content that is not for three-year-old ears! Oh well! He also brought tons of other CDs (Grizzly Bear, Coldplay, Vampire Weekend) for us to hear. Thank you so much, Skev!

Skev might start going to the BAC twice a day (as soon as he gets around to joining). He wants to run on the treadmill because the feeling of running on uneven pavement bothers him. His new goal is to go to as many concerts as he can for free and will listen to any radio station to do it. Skev threatened to film me rockin’ out to my iTunes and post it on this blog… uh oh!

Josh and Skev will be all around Beverly today, dropping off brochures. Pick one up, look it over and sign up for something!

Gail bought Stella an awesome art desk for her pen. She loves it and now we are all the proud recipients of original Stella Kersker artwork!

We want to develop a Bev Rec team to run the Homecoming Road Race in August. Sam and Tim are in, who else is coming with me??

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Bruce and I have attended two meetings so far today, one for the Beverly Resource Group and another for the MRPA Conference Committee. We were the only people at the first meeting because we mixed up the date but the second meeting was well attended and we volunteered ourselves to chair a few subcommittees. At 4:30PM we will meet with Police Chief Ray to discuss dogs and at 7:00PM Bruce will meet with the Lynch Park Advisory Committee to discuss the construction happening in the Carriage House. Tomorrow we must attend an MRPA Executive Board meeting and on Thursday night there is a meeting of the Recreation Commission... WHEW!

Josh and Molly brought in delicious chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Molly baked!

Stella has an interesting Bento Box lunch of PB&J on a biscuit, pickles, nuts and a banana. Not much progress has been made.

Bruce interviewed "Picture Girl" for a Lifeguard job. Picture Girl submitted the most complete and organized job application we've ever received, it even included her school picture!

Tim and Sam visited yesterday and dropped off the power washer. They are not the only ones looking for confirmation of Ranger/Gate shifts, but stay calm, Josh is creating the schedule. Join the Bev Rec Rangers FB group to get up-to-date on the latest Ranger/Gate stuff.

Surprises... surprises are on the horizon people. If you want to know before the general population, become an official follower!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

May is Cold

Bruce was out of the office today to catch up on yard work. He is going to a Red Sox game with the Cove School tonight. Better wear a hat and scarf, Boss, it's gonna be cold!

I am typing up letters to all candidates for summer employment and sending them tomorrow. Decisions will appear on this blog on Friday.

The Skev Report - Skev Dynamite was spotted letting off some steam at Fibber McGee's this weekend, playing his fave tunes for all to enjoy. He's making it a goal to head into Boston more often to explore a new social scene. We approve. He was wearing a cool terry cloth polo shirt from The Rack today with his Sydney Fife sweater. He is going to burn The Fame Monster for me, which is awesome! He suggests becoming friends with Wheat Thins on Facebook so you can enter to win a trip to Bonnaroo.

The ladies in the office have been baking up a storm, muffins, pumpkin bread, brownies... yeah! Josh and Molly brought in cookies. No recipes have been reported lately, but I'll keep my ears open.

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Friday, May 7, 2010


2010 Summer Brochure is online at! The printed copy will hit the streets next week, but you can sign up NOW!

Last night's President Taft Press Conference was well attended and a lot of fun. Taft took questions and even sang, "God Bless America." We hope to receive some donations so we can continue to turn the Carriage House into a cultural and community center for everyone in Beverly to enjoy. New Recreation offices wouldn't hurt, either!

The Skev Report - As luck wouldn't have it, Skev-Kwon-Do was arriving at Lynch when I was leaving, but Jean took notes and reported that on Cinco de Mayo, Skev was the victim of a cougar hunt at the Fat Cactus on Route 1. She made sure he kept his sombrero on his head. What is it with the ladies and Skev's headgear? Remember St.Patty's Day??

I know I promised some info on new hires this week, but it will have to wait until Monday. Busy week, sorry folks!

Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely Mums out there! Why not spend it relaxing at picturesque Lynch Park?

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Battle of Puebla

The Skev Report - Skev-a-dilla is not visiting the office today, but he IS driving around in the TaeKwonDo bus with his sombrero on to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! If you see him, honk and wave!

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Monday, May 3, 2010

California is Just Weird

Hola amigos, I know it’s been a long time since I’ve rapped at ya, but we’ve been sorta busy. The summer brochure has gone to print and the website will be updated soon. Keep your eyes peeled for some brand new classes like Shakti Hooping.

The Skev Report – You knew this had to be coming! Skevvy returned home from Coachella looking very tired, tan and still wearing his concert bracelets. It’s been weeks and I am still not sure whether he has taken them off. He's also been rocking a blue Coachella t-shirt. He and Kunle had an unbelievable time at the concerts and at their mansion where Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Grizzly Bear and Devo (just to name a few) came and partied. Whoa! He WAS able to rent a car, after all. Skev showed us hundreds of pictures of the beautiful scenery, productions, art projects and famous people he saw. We’re happy he’s home to brighten up our office. He and Josh were in the office today doing work and chatting about summer blockbusters and People’s Most Beautiful list. Skev warned Josh not to poke him (with a pencil) and Josh threatened to shred him (in the new diamond cutting shredder). Yikes! What a bromance!

Skev made it a point to tell us some of his associates don't want to be mentioned in this blog. We apologize if anyone was offended.

Final decisions are being made, so stay tuned for a list of new hires!

The Pear 5K had a successful first year this weekend! Thank you to all who ran, donated, sponsored and helped out. We were so happy to have been a part of it!

Nice day today, cross your fingers that it will stay that way.

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