Monday, July 25, 2011

Panther Fans

Josh hearts Panther...

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Rec Rag #2

BREAKING NEWS - Someone abandoned a cat at Lynch Park, so we now have a mascot. Meet Panther, who is residing in Bruce's office until we find a good home for this healthy, friendly, 5 year old male cat. Anyone want a nice cat?

Rec Rag 2nd Edition - Summer 2011

Well, we have reached the half-way mark of our summer program. We were able to dig up some more dirt on some of our staff. Remember, it is our goal to include every Bev. Rec. staff member in one of our publications.

Park attendance has continued to increase and will most likely stay in the high numbers with the anticipation of the annual Lip Sync Extravaganza, which is not a competition… right Adventure Camp? Matt Mc. looks like he is a character in “Driving Miss Daisy,” being chauffeured to the parks by Bill each day. One day he seemed a bit surprised when he received a “bikini text” meant for “another guy”. He did appreciate it, though. Bill is working his way up to being a guest choreographer for “So, You Think You Can Dance.” Speaking of personal service with a smile, Will M. has a personal driver in Jocelyn C., who picks him up from park each day. A secret was recently revealed regarding Matt M.’s sleeping habit… of occasionally sleeping on the floor. Ryan Lane wants everyone to know that he is the perfect prototype for the male physique. All along we thought it was Kris M! Justin G. has a little competition of his own going on, as he challenged an Adventure Camper to a magic duel. Maybe we will see this at the next special event. At the Cartoon Catastrophe everyone was lucky enough to see Ryan L. (perfect male prototype) and Sam S. awkwardly slow dance. Corey M. looked beautiful as Jasmine. Will Mc. had some great tights.

Sarah L.’s name came up a few times this week. One time someone asked why her name is usually included in a sentence related to Cat Woman. In fact, we do have the perfect cat for her if she wants. Hopefully someone will adopt it. Some do have a question for Sarah: “Were you texting Max M. while he was leaving trivia the other night?” Fellow Acme Jr. instructor, Jenna J., was spotted in Target preparing her outfit for the special event.

Dan C. probably wasn’t too thrilled to have the Director title when his alarm “malfunctioned.” Connor looked excited as he wore the “Accidental Tourist” camera around his neck and directed his kids to the next station. Nargaret showed their ambition to be future members of Blue Man Group.

The Tykes have been making emergency cards… and that includes instructor Katie L., who made one to remember her address, phone number, and directions on what to dial for 911. Skev, in between running from crafts, the beach, and setting up sprinklers, revealed his itinerary for his romantic Vermont weekend getaway. We have copies in the office, if anyone is interested. The happy couple has enjoyed fishing for stripers and watching the latest Harry Potter movie at the IMAX in Reading. Alyssa C., who has worked at all the camps except Adventure, was asked out by a 4 yr. old.

It was revealed that newbie Jeremy S. and Aaron S. are cousins, although they don’t exchange presents when they see each other on Christmas. Jeremy had a special female friend join him for lunch. Josh M. is back and hasn’t stopped painting since he returned. He paints so slow that he never gets any on himself. Jocelyn C’s backside showed that she really gets into the paint.

Kris M. does seem to be in better shape to keep up with his younger male sidekick. Jackie R. was seen dancing with 2 guys at Rockefellers. Tim, a.k.a. Cinderella, was anything but happy having to move Sam S. car the other day. Kris M. said leaving the group will negatively affect his evaluation.

Hope everyone stays cool over the next few days and get ready for the 2nd half of summer.

Quotable Quotes
Match the speaker with the quotes: Gail (2), Corey M, Jocelyn C (4), Acme Jr. camper, Bruce, Playground Kid, Skev(4), Josh (2), Joscelyn R.K., Ryan L, Scott B, & Playground Child to Kayla D.

*Anytime anyone wears a turban around me I’m happy.

*My bowels aren’t feeling well.

*You know…that great fluffy feeling.

*She’s the Aerie Girl.

*Hello, come in the meat locker.

*I want to be a Jr. Firefighter.

*How womanly of her to get the man food.

*Wait a minute and I’ll show you what I change into.

*Don’t come at me with that thing.

*I just wanted to look nice for the rest of my ranger shift.

*Does anyone have nail polish?

*That’s what she said…in response to “Be careful with that thing.”

*I’ll dance on the beach but not run.

*I love to hear I’m right.

*I am a shark, like in West Side Story.

*I don’t share a bed.

*I love quick…ies.

*Wait, is a male a girl?

*Hey, Betty White, get over here.

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Summer Rec Rag #1

When the sun is blazin and the summer gets hot, your Bev Rec blogger is too busy to write. Here is the first of 4 summer Rec Rags, so you can catch up on the gossip. Another will be out shortly.

Many thanks to Jocelyn Cassola and Joshie Melanson (he's baaaack!) for co-authoring the summer Rec Rags! And thanks to the whole staff for their submissions.

Oh, and the last poll indicated that Will McAuliffe will be the counselor of the week for week one. Will is awesome, but is the poll accurate? Let's check the Rag and make sure. I suspect that the Skevster still has more mentions...

Rec Rag Edition 1 - 2011
Summer is upon us. It is time to start living the dream!! Welcome back to all the veterans and good luck to the newbies. Two weeks have passed and now it is time for another edition of the Rec Rag. For all of you newbies the Rec Rag is a gossip and informational bi-weekly column…we have been compared to People Magazine… get the picture.

Time for some off-season news. It is a huge surprise that the office is still standing. Ranger Connor reported a “branch” fell on the roof of the office. This “branch” took down our chimney with it and was actually half of a tree. Thanks Connor for your wonderful reporting skills. For all of you that have not heard Skev raving about the infamous Leslie, it has been confirmed that she is real and was sited at the park last Sunday with Skev getting her tan on. It has also been rumored that he is planning a weekend getaway for them… sounds like it’s getting serious. On the topic of weekend getaways, Sam Stokes and Tim McAuliffe went on a short trip to New Jersey because Sam missed Ronnie so much since the last time she saw him. Rumor is that Sam Stokes might be changing her name to Sammi Sweetheart in the near future.

Speaking of couples there are still some Rec couples going strong. This year we have Josh M and Molly F, Matt M and Jocelyn C, Marco E and Regan G, Sam Stokes and Tim M, Kelsey F and Ben C and last but not least Corinne W and Peter T. Rec love is in the air. <3 No wonder it was so hard to make so many camp placements this year based on that list. Sarah Lane has been missing out on the Rec Romance and was heard asking, “why can’t I mate with a goat? What if I was blind and didn’t know?” Sorry Sarah we don’t have any goats on staff, but Molly F was seen sporting some nice new Zebra print shorts.

We welcome in all of our new staff members. One that is sticking out in our minds is our new Ranger Scott Blanchette. He has been seen driving around with the gate box on top of his car and has spent a lot of time chasing dumpsters down hills. Jocelyn C has hopped on board as the new Head Ranger. Bruce has been irritable lately, I wonder if it is because Jocelyn has been slacking in the food department.
Special events have been going fabulously. ‘Nargaret’ have turned into quite the power couple. Will and Connor have been shopping for their outfits in ridiculous places. Joscelyn Ruelle-Kersker spotted them basically everywhere they went. But they have yet to let us down with their costume choices so keep up the good work. Word on the street is Hayley Mahan is really into the costumes! Another employee who has made quite the impression on the staff is Justin Grabowski. His short shorts were said to have harassed Jocelyn C everytime she looked at him. But Skev said he “liked it if you can pull it off.”

The lifeguards are always good at trying to stay off the radar. It is very hard for them to stay out of the Rec Rag though because they all seem to be related or have dated each other or in some cases both. However with less beaches to watch over then ever before it still seems like they have been complaining more than ever. Pat Wilson has been training for Shark Week and has won the award for lifeguard of the week due to his quick pick up of a dead seal on the beach. The lifeguards have been pretty upset about the sun and cannot seem to function without a canopy. They were spotted looking like Siamese twins huddled under an umbrella. Better hope they don’t melt before the summer’s over.

If you have any juicy information for next week’s Rec Rag make sure you come into the office and let us know. For now happy trails to all and keep up the great work!

Quotable Quotes
Match the quotes with the famous speakers, Skev (x2), Matt Mc, Adventure Camper, Joscelyn R.K., Josh M (x2), Stella & Livi, Tim M

* “I’m into my staff and they are into me”

* Who’s favorite words are “cool and “sweet”? (He wears “udderly” ridiculous clothing on special event days)

* “You don’t want to play footsies with my feet”

* “Who wants to ride the Skev Express?”

* “I’m not engaged… I’m actually married.”

* “I’m just going to put it in and see what happens.”

* “Do they actually do an allergy test for tarantulas.”

* “We aspire to be ‘file ladies’”

* “I stink at ‘ruit but I am awesome at lip syncing”

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