Thursday, April 15, 2010

Diggin for Gold

Enjoy this sunny day, blog-keteers, it's the last we'll have for a while.

The piles of rubble around the Carriage House have been dug up, removed, moved on outta here. Construction commences...

The Skev Report - Our favorite Michael came in this morning to say "Bye" before boarding a flight to Cali this afternoon. He promises to update us via text and Facebook as often as possible. He has outfits planned for every occasion, including his Bev Rec tank top for "sleepwear". Lucky us! He even bought a Sydney Fife (I Love You, Man) sweater for $3 at Bob's. Slappin' da bass, man. Anywho, have fun Skev and Kunle, please document every last second.

Interviews of new employees should conclude this week, then the hard work begins, moving employees around, forming new teams, it's very exciting!

If you like to run, don't forget about The Pear 5K on May 1st. Cheap registration fee and races for the kids, too.

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Monday, April 12, 2010


I's sunny, but it is not really warm. DPW is doing an excellent job getting Lynch ready for spring, keeping it neat and tidy. Thanks!

Someone(s) smashed the glass around the Memorial Tree AGAIN. Police came down and investigated. What goes around comes around and karma is going to get you. Remember that, folks.

JC made it to Arizona! He was planning to hit up Las Vegas, so he may be living la vida loca by now. Be safe, Jay!

The Skev Report - Skev-rolet showed up this afternoon, right after Josh came in to work. He is even tanner, with whiter teeth. Thinner, too, since he eats only salads now. The flights for his Coachella trip are booked. He will not get to Cali until 8:00pm on Thursday and THEN he has to drive his rental car (provided his credit is good enough to procure one) to the mansion, finally settling in around 11:00pm. He bought colorful t-shirts for the trip at JCPenney.

Bruce and Janet are cruising to Key West and Cozumel for their 25th wedding anniversary. Lucky! While the boss is away, the worker bees will play... nah, we'll just be up to the same old, same old!

Our first interview never showed... go figure.

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Friday, April 9, 2010


We’ve been following JC’s cross country trip via descriptive Facebook notes. Last we heard, he was in Kentucky.

The Skev Report – Sir Skev visited us with a multitude of issues. He’s using the Recreation Office as his Coachella Trip-Planning Office. He sits at Gail’s old desk and makes calls to WFNX, car rentals, tanning salons, you name it. The “trip of a lifetime” is turning out to be more like the most poorly planned trip ever. The radio station still hasn’t set up flights and Skev might have to drive around other contest winners in the car he’s paying to rent. “What else can you expect from a hippie station?” Skev wonders. He is looking tanner, his teeth are whiter and he got a haircut. Mike knocked a magnet off the wall, noticed it was Sally of The Peanuts comic strip, and remarked that he never really liked peanuts… he favors cashews and pistachios. He said we need doses of Skev in moderation, too much is not a good thing. And with that, he was off.

Waiting for our first interview of the season… exciting!

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Watch out, Grand Canyon State

We said a sad but cheerful, “Happy Trails!” to Jason Comeau yesterday at CafĂ© Salerno. The meal was full of laughs as Skev provided his usual comic relief (can't be posted, it’s rated PG-13) and we recounted years of good times with Jay at the Ranger/Gate helm. We sat there for a long time, wondering when the check was coming, only to find out that Jay had paid the tab! Whadda guy! The Beverly clock, travel snacks and sentimental card we gave him shot straight to his heart. He came back to the park for one last walk and hug from Stella and then he was off. Peace and love, Jay.

Interviews start tomorrow! Only a few spots are available for counselors, so be impressive!

The floor in the main room of the Carriage House is coming up. I stopped by the rubble pile and grabbed a few commemorative pieces (paperweights).

Hoodlums ripped a screen off one of the office windows and tried to smash in windows on the vans this week. If anyone has information on this incident, let us know. There is no reason to disrespect the office or this glorious park.

Jean has been enjoying the Couch to 5K program run in her home city of Danvers, by our good friend, Cheryl Marshall. Which reminds me, Beverly Recreation is sponsoring The Pear 5K on Saturday, May 1! Contact me if you are interested in becoming an official sponsor and click here to register!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Josh shops at Market Basket and keeps to a $70 limit. He manages to get all the basics there, including ingredients for the cookies and brownies he makes for the office!

Gail suggests the chicken pot pie from Trader Joe’s.

Tim and Sam were spotted in the park yesterday, but did not stop into the office.

Our St. John's Prep summer employees were also hanging at Lynch yesterday, but didn't respond when we waved from our car.

The Skev Report – So much to report on Skev-o-tronic, so little time. He finally decided to take his friend, Kunle, on his extravagant Coachella trip. He also decided he needs to update his warm-weather wardrobe and go tanning at Shear Action. The Vampire Weekend concert he won tickets to was a bust and his high-maintenance sister was not happy about it. He is making it up by taking her to the next 30 Seconds to Mars show. Jared Leto is sure to perk her up.

Shanley, our former intern (but always in our hearts), visited last week. She is graduating from Endicott soon and already has a job with potential. Skev invited her and us to trivia at The Tavern, but how will we split up the teams??

Construction on the Carriage House has begun!

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