Thursday, December 23, 2010

We’re Not on the Naughty List

We have been lucky over the past few days to be visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past (Jay Comeau!) and the Ghost of Christmas Present (Michael Andruskiewicz!). Jay had a lot of complaining to do about the snow, he misses AZ already! He is finally going to be working for the Department of Homeland Security, but has to start at the bottom working in airport security. Oh no – pat downs! Eventually he wants to be an Air Marshall. I feel safer already! He has a really short haircut and a full set of blonde facial hair. He didn’t mention any ladies, but knowing Jay, there is a special Arizonian he’s been spending time with.

The Skev Report – Skevtastic was in the house on Tuesday. He came in wearing this red and black checked hat and I wish I took a pic of it. He dropped off some delicious muffin loaves from his special place, The Gingerbread Factory. He saw Rec alum, Adam Szajgin, at The Anchor.

Rec Party today! There are gifts and food and good cheer. We’re only here half a day, so if you’re around, come in and visit. If we don’t see you until the new year, celebrate safely.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Leftover Monday

The last Crock Pot Friday menu was Sloppy Joe’s and salad (although YOU voted for chicken wings!). Smelled delish, but I didn’t try it. So much was left, we instituted Leftover Monday. We won’t be in the office this Friday, but we will have Holiday Brunch Thursday while we exchange gifts. Wonder what Bruce is getting the ladies this year…

NEW poll! Vote on what you think Bruce will get for Christmas! Bottom of the green box, to the right...

The main office painting project is at a standstill. Josh is working hard but purple is getting mixed results, see for yourself…

The Skev Report – Skev-ger Woods was in the office last week, but I only saw him for a second. He volunteered at the Holcroft Park Tree Lighting Festival this weekend and knew a lot of the kids. He was wearing a cool golf cap and yes, he is still rocking a bit of scruffy beard. Beard-vember has bled into December! He helped Stella hang her ornament on the tree and even sang Christmas carols. He and I were the only ones who knew the second verse of Jingle Bells by heart! Soon Miss Fanny Bright was seated by my side...

We are so thankful to have the best staff in the world. Six awesome counselors volunteered their time to play with the kids at the Holcroft Park Tree Lighting. It means a lot to the neighborhood and to me. I hope to see even more staff at the next community event!!

It’s beautiful at Lynch with snow covering everything. Come see it, while it lasts, and bring your sled!

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Crock Pot Friday

The first ever Bev Rec Crock Pot Friday was born today! We all contributed ingredients and then Gail, Jean and Josh put together a delicious lasagna in Gail’s crock pot, located on top of the file cabinet, next to the fax machine and pencil sharpener. We got the recipe from Jessica Seinfeld and Oprah. Make your own here: Delicious. We’re already planning the next one, so help us decide and vote in the new poll (to the right, in the green box)!

The Skev Report – Sexy Skevvie (a nickname he coined, people) checked in with via speakerphone. He was listening to a great tune, “Tempted” by Squeeze. He's been working out like a maniac and I was worried to hear that he spent one full hour on the elliptical. He clarified, saying he really spent 45 minutes, just rounded up to one hour. He spent yesterday toning his legs. He is not catering this weekend, instead he's going to Boston with Josh and maybe out with Bruce’s Bad Father’s Club. We miss him and he promises to visit next week. Awesome! In the last poll, 30% of you voted that Mike would be the next thing to go missing at Lynch. So far, that’s true. Captain Dusty’s, the falcon and Lynch Beach are still here.

We've received so many brochure advertisements over the past few days, I can hardly keep up! Thanks everyone for your patronage!

We have some volunteer opportunities coming up…
Gloucester Crossing Tree Lighting Festival – Dec. 18, 2:45-4:15PM
North Pole Calling - Dec. 20-22, 5:00-7:00PM
Beverly’s New Year – Dec. 31, 3:30-7:30PM (choose a 1, 2, 3 or 4-hour time frame)
Just contact me! I'm happy to write a letter of participation for anyone who needs volunteer hours documented.

We’ve reached 3,400 blog views!! Hooray! Tell your friends to become official followers!

THE BEST OF NORTH POLE CALLING - This just in... one child's guardian wants Santa to let him know that the Lego Death Star, "has too many pieces and Santa doesn't make it!" Ha ha haaaaa!

15 days until Christmas! What did you get for Hanukkah? Anyone out there celebrate Kwanzaa? Tell us all about it!

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

We Are All Winners

Including Bev Rec! We were so honored last night to receive the Community Partner Award from the North Shore Community Development Coalition (NSCDC). See the pictures below for a dapper Bruce Doig and more info on this prestigious accolade…

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beverly Panthers RULE!

Not much to report, since I was out of the office for much of the day. So here are some recent pictures of Lynch Park, including more shots of our recently deceased trees. Enjoy!

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Monday, December 6, 2010

It’s Fun Beating Kids at Chess

The Skev Report – Skevvie Doo told us last week that it's been really fun beating the U.S. Taekwondo kids at chess. He got a new phone for free and came in wearing his bluetooth. He wasn’t talking to anyone on it, though. His beard is very full, so much so he planned on getting a trimmer that day. He loves listening to Pandora and prefers a “Soul” themed station that he customized. Speaking of soul singers, Skev also remarked that Aretha Franklin’s, “Natural Woman” really gets him through the day. I couldn’t believe that he didn’t have stories from his high school reunion, other than that it was fun. B-O-R-I-N-G. There’s an epic tale in there, I know it!

I case you haven’t heard, BHS won the Superbowl! Woo-hoo! Bruce had a blast this season as a coach and is wearing his black and orange today to celebrate. Josh made Beverly cookies and Gail made a cake with eggnog frosting. We’re compiling a photo album of all the Bev Rec staff who played, coached, cheered or marched. Also want pics of staff members who attended the game. If you have pics, send them to me at, please!

We’re also compiling a photo album of prom pictures! Bev Rec staff, former and current, please send us your prom pictures to be featured on Facebook during prom season, 2011.

THE BEST OF NORTH POLE CALLING – Two more forms came in, asking our Santas to mention that the kids are, “doing great going on the potty” and “going in the big girl potty now”. Will the kids be freaked out that Santa knows that?

Bruce and Josh successfully tested the Beverly's New Year confetti cannon with confetti made by our own, diamond-cut shredder.

Welcome to our 16th follower! Tell your friends, we'd love to have more people reading this blog!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Something’s Missing…

First Thing Missing – Another tree from the ACME Jr. side of Lynch Park. A majestic old oak was rotten and hollowed out inside and taken down by a tree service first thing this morning. It was a sad sight and it kept me from parking behind the building. Blah.

Second Thing Missing – Me, I had the day off yesterday to finish xmas shopping. Pandora and Toys R' Us are now the proud owners of my hard-earned money.

Third Thing Missing – Wallpaper in the main office. Josh has been arriving early and leaving late, a result of non-stop wallpaper removal. We haven’t decided what color to paint the clean, new walls. Gail thinks I should be in charge of choosing, but I can't handle the responsibility. In a past poll, you helped decide to paint the office purple and I hope that sticks…

Tonight is the Recreation Commission’s annual dinner at the Beverly Depot. Mmmmm, steak… mmmmm, salad bar. Delicious morsels aside, I was forced to prepare an year end report, which was a blessing in disguise because I reflected on all of our 2010 accomplishments. Bev Rec RULES, is basically what I deduced.

No Skev yet this week, but I think he’ll show up soon. He has stories from Thanksgiving Eve and his BHS reunion. I… cannot… wait…

Want to volunteer to work at Beverly's New Year? Please let me know. You can take a two-hour shift at the glamorous GAR Hall, assisting with costumes for the procession. Contact me!

New "Missing" poll, green box, to the right. Vote!

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