Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Automotive Narcolepsy

Another storm is brewing. Are you ready? Get your sleds out, people. According to the last poll, only 30% of you have utilized the hill for winter sports, so far in 2011. Get out and get moving!

It's amazing, Josh did NOT fall asleep during the western Mass trip last week. He usually falls asleep on the way to Home Depot in Danvers! We’re not sure what to call this disorder other than Automotive Narcolepsy. Going to have to verify it with WebMD.

Check out our new chairs… we own 168 of them…

The Skev Report – Skevren Colanto finally made it into the office last week! Unfortunately, Gail was the only one here to greet him. We learned he is swearing off Foxwoods for a while, he shaved his face and has been shoveling like the rest of us. He says he will visit again this week, perhaps in conjunction with Crock Pot Friday.

Camp registration and camp questions have begun! It’s summer here. Hopefully the brochure will be delivered today, geez.

We are now accepting applications for paid and volunteer summer employment!

Stella Kelley Kersker turns 4 tomorrow!

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

On The Road

Bruce and Josh have been out of the office all day, traveling to western Mass to pick up some fancy party chairs for the Carriage House. Josh sent some pics of their trip...

Hmmm, no chairs? We'll have to take their word that they actually got them! UMass alumni will be happy to know that they ate lunch at Antonio's. Hope they brought back some huge slices!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wintry Mix

The weather today looks bleak. Drive carefully out there. Here's what we've been up to...

Gail and Stella use the new chalkboard!

Stella plays in the Lynch Park snow.

Lots of sledding going is going downnnnn!

Kris Melanson visits and admires the renovated office.

New and improved cages are finished in the barn basement.

No clear winner for Nick's lip sync song, so he's going with a "magic" theme. No details on the songs in the medley yet. VOTE in the new poll, to the right in the green box.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Crock Pot Friday

Another Friday, another delicious crock pot lunch. We all contributed to the best crock pot meal yet, Taco Stew. It was full of beans, tomatoes, corn and cheesy goodness. Even Stella took part and earned a piece of chocolate after finishing her entire bowlful.

Molly came by to hang out with Stella, thank you so much! They did puzzles and drew pictures of princesses, and just had a great time. So awesome!

Still no sign of Skev, despite repeated attempts by Josh to lure him down to Lynch Park.

Many changes here at the office. Josh is almost through painting it green, and is adding another chalkboard (possibly a magnetic one!) to Stella’s area. Check out some pictures of us cleaning and moving stuff around. I think my image is making it’s blog debut…

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Have a great weekend, we’ll chat again on Leftover Monday.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011


I know it’s been a long time since I rapped at ya, but…

The holidays came and went, and we were all in and out of the office on vacation. We had a Merry Christmas, as evidenced by the happy smiles you see here at the office gift swap…

Stella got SO many gifts and was thankful for every one. Josh gave me a Robert Pattinson calendar, a lil Rob every month. Gail gave a smorgasboard of gifts, including the best little flashlight ever. Jean gave beautiful scarves and jewelry. I donated chicks to families in need across the world, on behalf of each person in the office. Bruce gave us the gift that keeps on giving… a Keurig machine! We’re out of our minds with caffeine.

Our volunteers at Beverly’s New Year helped with the costumes for the Grand Procession and DJ J.Mel brought his musical stylings to the masses on Cabot Street. Good times, and then we were off to parties and Jersey Shore marathons by 7:30pm. Pauly D. even reserved a costume for the parade, check it…

We were honored with a visit from one of our fave Rec alums, Adam Szajgin, his GF, Annika and their dog, Ohso. Adam says Ohso is very clean and a dragon warrior. He loves and hates the dog, but we all thought it was pretty cute. Well, it kind of cried a lot and it did bite Josh. He loves his time spent in Mass, including celebrating Hayley’s 16th birthday. He says Ivy is losing her mind and force-feeding he and Annika cookies. He saw Skev at the Onion (WE haven’t seen him since Xmas break) AND Mike Cassola “dancing so vigorously” with a young lady. He is still living in Cali, pursuing a career as a comedian/writer and still working at the bakery to the stars. He promises to follow this blog and we will check his out, too, at www.oh-dear-god.com. When he is rich and famous, will we still see him? Will he donate millions to the Carriage House Renovation project? Only time will tell.

Josh is going nuts painting the office. He painted this blackboard (so Bruce can tell us where he’s going) in the hallway…

The Skev Report – NO Skev Report because we just plain haven’t seen him. We were going to see Black Swan last week, but it didn’t work out and now he’s not answering any texts or FB messages. I heard that he was chilling at Foxwoods over the weekend, but Skev has not confirmed or denied. Skev-ster, where are you?

Molly Forman's cat died yesterday. RIP, Pumpkin.

Tomorrow is Crock Pot Friday and we’re having Taco Stew.

Bruce did not receive the Shake Weight, a puppy, a lawnmower or a Superbowl ring for Xmas. Vote in the new poll and help Nick Doig choose a Lip Sync song.

RIGHT NOW – We're playing “Name That Tune”, Josh is painting the main office “Spirit Whisper”, Gail is writing down class numbers for Rec Trac and Bruce is meeting with a Playground Equipment guy at Lindsay Park.

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