Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Automotive Narcolepsy

Another storm is brewing. Are you ready? Get your sleds out, people. According to the last poll, only 30% of you have utilized the hill for winter sports, so far in 2011. Get out and get moving!

It's amazing, Josh did NOT fall asleep during the western Mass trip last week. He usually falls asleep on the way to Home Depot in Danvers! We’re not sure what to call this disorder other than Automotive Narcolepsy. Going to have to verify it with WebMD.

Check out our new chairs… we own 168 of them…

The Skev Report – Skevren Colanto finally made it into the office last week! Unfortunately, Gail was the only one here to greet him. We learned he is swearing off Foxwoods for a while, he shaved his face and has been shoveling like the rest of us. He says he will visit again this week, perhaps in conjunction with Crock Pot Friday.

Camp registration and camp questions have begun! It’s summer here. Hopefully the brochure will be delivered today, geez.

We are now accepting applications for paid and volunteer summer employment!

Stella Kelley Kersker turns 4 tomorrow!

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