Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summer 2013 Rec Rag - 1st Edition

We would like to welcome all new staff to the one and only Beverly Recreation Department and welcome back all returnees, as well. Everyone loves to come back, because they have so much fun!

The first session of camp has come and gone. Now only 6 weeks more to go. Stefany H. has been doing a great job at Tykes and after only a week can turn on the outdoor hose. I think it was a first that not one Tyker or Tykes staff member was crying on the first day, and no one wanted to go home.

Sam S. is not going for the record of being the last member of the camp staff to return his med. form anymore. Allegra E. wins the award, however, for losing her new sneakers in record time. Ever so cheerful, Allegra still told everyone to “Have a great day.” Marco, ever the helpful brother, asked people to check for his sister’s sneakers, using the radio, as it was too hot for him to check around on foot. Jake S. has been doing a great job at early care. Heard he sets 3 alarms to make sure he is here bright and early.

Dan C. has made a smooth transition from instructor to Acme Sr. Director now that his alarm is in working order. We look forward to seeing many different cowboy hats over the summer. Acme C.I.T. Katie H. had a camper get up close and personal with her at the beach. If anyone is in the neighborhood of Starbucks next Saturday morning, please surprise Hayley M. with a scone. Lots of staff have missed the Henry’s cookies which had been frequently dropped off, as well.

Corey M. and Jocelyn R. are 1 for 2 with special events, now that one was cancelled. They seem very organized and act out all the games in the “Spirit Whisper” room while planning for the events. Jocelyn has been wearing 3 different hats these days: special events, park instructor, and swim tester.

Adventure Camp made it through their first overnight, be it one week late. Kris was flirting with the Dunkin Donuts girl on the way home from the Cape, although he has his eyes on a certain redhead. When asked if he wanted to buy a donut by Tim M., he said, “No, I am watching my figure.” Tim asked, “What are you watching it do?” Jackie R. (who didn’t realize JAY-Z was inappropriate for middle school campers) has turned Tim and Kris into the celebrity couple, giving them their own name, “Kim.”

Matt M. was wearing his “knight in shining armor costume” when he protected Nicole B. from the ill-mannered children. Guess those kids didn’t know there was a new sheriff in town. Anna J. seems to have a different hair color every week, just to keep the kids guessing. An adult chipmunk was reported at McKay park, but it was only poor Jocelyn R. recovering from wisdom teeth extraction. Brendan L. was in no hurry to get a paycheck, as he was the last person to pass in all his paperwork. Natalie P. earned extra points for running with her boss, J.R.K. Conor L. and Jenna L. have been very busy at BHS…getting to know each other. Rumor has it that Kenny P. is a Bev Rec Dork.

Scott is doing a great job as Health Coordinator and has handled parents well, while collecting tardy health forms. His motto is, “Liquid sweat means hard work.” Will M. and Ryan L. have been sharing lovely rides through the park, handling calls and requests from patrons and Q., and enjoying many Angie Miller tunes. The question is the morning is, “Will Ryan be tired or awake this morning?” New gate attendant Nick T. was nice enough to bring his girlfriend What’s Brewin’ before his morning shift.

The lifeguards have been busy testing the kids on their ability to swim, due to Christian’s Law. Maybe they should be testing the instructors too. Megan C. was looking for her “lock, unlock.” After her hours of searching, she finally found her car keys. All lifeguards have successfully received their annual base burns, so let the tanning begin.

Bruce had a tough first week, hobbling around with his bad knee. Don’t ask him how much blood and fluid was taken out. But you can find out on Facebook.

Quotable Quotes
  • Is it going to start snowing here? (referring to the beach) - Acme Camper
  • Patron of the Park #1 - Hey, the back of that boys shirt says ranger. Maybe he lives in Texas. Patron of the Park #2 - If it says ranger, he probably does. 
  • Corey M. - Your beloved is on the beach. Tim M. - Which one?
  • Don’t give me the open mouth treatment. - Scott B.
  • Just cooling off in the meat locker. We should just hang out here and get silly more often. - Ryan L.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Jump Start

A little office/ranger shenanigans for you on a foggy Tuesday morning...

When Will stole Ryan's seat, Ryan refused to let it go...
let's order from the Happy Clam, everyone!

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