Monday, July 19, 2010

Rec Rag 2nd Summer Edition

Second session is in full swing. Some instructors ended the first session with a bang. Bryan R. and Mike C. took basketball to another level and took each other out during a recreational basketball game. Mike C. apparently has a sharp head, as Bryan R. received stitches on his face and a concussion. Mike C. suffered a minor concussion, appearing a bit more light-headed than usual. Luckily Steve L. has his first aid kit in his car and Tim M. got to work, after putting on his gloves, of course. His father taught him well. Skev, alias Rambo, has a huge bump on his head and a black eye, due to a collision at his park. Sam S. is the last one on his staff to prove he his fit as a fiddle. Lucky you have direct deposit!!!! Actually he showed his athletic prowess by climbing Mt. Washington on the 4th of July. Max M., alias “Sailor Boy”, showed his floating abilities in Sarah L.’s pool.

Corinne W. and Peter T. are an official item, watching sunsets at the beach. Kris M. and Sarah L. were couple-skating at the Roller Palace. How did Skev miss them when he was taking pictures? Jocelyn C. seems to have stolen the “Incredibles” idea from her beau’s playground. Matt M. is so nice… bet he didn’t even mind. Rumor has it that Matt Mc. doesn’t have it this summer. No mentors have that lovin’ feeling this year. Margaret H. is sore from boot camp. Mary W.O. seems to be keeping up with the quick pace, however. We are not sure how her husband is fairing. Nate S. was told that one of his playground kids’ older sister had a big crush on him. Sarah L. who is evidently not too fond of “Wedding Crashers”, is giving little details of the Cheesecake Factory. Stella K. (Cinderella) and Joscelyn R.K. (Princess Leia) made a cute pair arriving at the special event in their costumes. Terry’s son, Daniel, was an adorable firefighter.

This summer Skev and Vlad are fighting over being the “Rec Dept. Photographer of the Summer”. We may have discovered the one thing that gets Vlad moving. He took a great picture of the Lynch Park hawk on top of the shell. We’re not sure if it was before he tore off all the seagull’s feathers in front of the shocked spectators.

Alex B. has a talent or curse for having to always clean up poop in the bathrooms. Tim B. scooped up a dead seagull without any problems. Tough lifeguards this year!

Terry C. and Kris M. made it to the top of Mt. Monadnock, even after making every attempt to avoid the climbing part. They even used the excuse of having to switch vans due to excessive shaking… that was just Kris and Terry bopping up and down to their music playing. Luckily, they made it in time to climb up and down and eat hotdogs by the fire by 9:30pm. Funny we didn’t hear one complaint from Heather or Laura. Lucky for Laura, the staff can wake her up in the morning, since she has trouble charging her phone.

We are very pleased to hear that Katie Tufts, former Director of Tiny Tykes, is recuperating nicely after surgery this week. Thank you to those who made contributions toward her flowers which her close friend, Mary W.O., sent from our department. Next week there will be a list to sign up for food items to put together a meal for Katie. Let’s make it a meal to remember!!!

It is almost time to be practicing for the Lip Sync Extravaganza. Who will be more exhausted… the staff or the children? Remember, it is for the children. We heard people have been brainstorming at the Onion & the Tavern to come up with ideas for the performances. Skev probably has some great ideas for songs and dances. Don’t forget to catch Skev on the Bev Rec FB page and blog.

Quotable Quotes
Match the speakers with their quotes: Vlad, Josh (3), Sherry Z, Sam St, Emily W, Skev (3), Joscelyn R.K., Jocelyn C (2), Tim

*Wait, let me put my gloves on first.
*If I were 10 years younger, I would date him.
*The mountain beat the poo out of me.
*I’m a Melanson, and we hate raisins.
*I think of you Gail. I am selfless.
*If you want bad lemonade, have Molly make it.
*I make you feel like you were there. I am a photographer.
*She’s got anal problems.
*I’m teaching Tim new things.
*Yoda is wise. Gail is like Yoda.
*I’ll put my tongue anywhere.
*You don’t know me… you don’t know me!!!
*I look like I'm coming from a strip club with all the ones I have in my wallet.
*I am a Star Wars geek.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heat Waaaave

Summer is in full swing! One week of parks and camps down, seven more glorious weeks to go! Bruce picked up sprinklers and now that we have our Rice’s Beach schedule planned out, we’ll be keeping cool in the water and gettin’ our tan on.

SPOTTED – Speaking of Rice’s, we spotted Rec alumni, Matt Lauranzano and Kelly Novack there! Also spotted, the Lyons' family.

Stella has been having an excellent time at Tykes, but she's a wanderer who eats other kids’ lunches! She’s got a lot to learn about waiting in line and following directions, but she comes home with all of her stuff and so tired (thanks Tykes staff!). She learned a new word at camp telling me, “Mommy, you’re a doozy!” Cute!

The first special event was Jacob Brower Day and we served hundreds of dogs, chips and candy bars to celebrate America’s birthday. CITs did a great job organizing and handing out food. I missed out on a dog, but no worries, I got Fritos and Reese’s!

The Skev Report – No rest for Skev Robichaud! After subbing at ACME, he’s on to Livingstone to fill in for Jackie. ACME enjoyed his company so much, they made cards to commemorate his time spent there. Most kids remarked about his geographic tongue and marvelous beef and cheese body odor. How observant. Skev was filmed boogying on the shell to the sweet sounds of DJ Jazzy Josh. Check Facebook for a short, but sweet, video clip.

AC survived their first overnight with no throw up in the vans.

Thanks to the supervisors for very organized and efficient meetings.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Rec Rag 2010 - 1st Summer Edition

It's been crazy around here... CRAZY! Here is the first legit Rec Rag of the summer. Enjoy!

Bring on summer 2010! We hope to make it the best one yet, working as a positive, unified team. Welcome back to all veteran employees and good luck to all newbies. Remember, the Rec Rag is our gossip and informational biweekly publication. Drop off any newsworthy info up in the office.

Josh M. has been doing a great job as the Head Ranger/Medical Coordinator. He is Bruce’s right hand man, who witnessed Bruce hitting every tasting table at Costco the other day. Josh also makes a mean D.J. and got everyone dancing at J.B. Day. Speaking of getting low, Mike A., alias Skev-Z, has been scouted by Alicia Keys’ manager as a Jay-Z stand-in during her Northeast tours. Skev has been practicing his singing as he belts out songs while driving out of Lynch. Connor M. has been doing a great job filling in as ranger in a moment’s notice. Greg P., is sporting a new Friday Night Lights “do” this summer. He might need a headband soon… bet you could borrow one of Tim M.’s. Matt M. has also become a dependable ranger when asked to do different tasks.

We want to congratulate Mary W.O. on her recent marriage. Heard she rules the roost and made him sign up early morning boot camp. Nick C. has been missed by many little Tykers, but Brendan C. is trying to fill his flip flops. Meaghan N. wins the award for lasting the least hours on the first day. Those little kids are tiring! One of boys must definitely be a go-cart enthusiast when he goes to amusement parks. Monica C. looks like she is doing suicide sprints keeping up with future track stars, including one familiar blonde curly top who is fond of Bruce’s snacks.

Word is out that an Acme counselor may give Jeff Kaylor a run for his money with his own magical talents. Justin G., you should try out some acts at Trivia Night. Sam S. & Steve L., still attached at the hip, are excited to be near the office food. Who feeds them during the school year? Bev. Rec. couples this summer: Tim & Sam, Josh & Molly, Matt & Jocelyn C., and Marco & Regan. Sarah L. is wearing appropriate ranger footwear. Did you hear she is doing boot camp, as well? She and Mary will kick the guys’ butts in core training this summer, that’s for sure! Skev has been working out since early spring; eating right (all the chicken & grilled veggies you can eat) and hopefully buying a new belt. Bet he can tell you about rollback deals at Walmart.

The 3 McAuliffe bros worked hard on their 4th of July outfits this week. Glad to see they haven’t lost their touch. The rest of the staff should start planning for the “Big” outfits and look for those career-themed clothes at Savers before next Thursday.

Adventure Camp survived their first overnight. Heather gave her annual “Deodorant Talk” on the first day and bought a stick for the first aid kit. We are wondering if Kris M. had a bag of popcorn in his tent, since a little birdie told us he keeps one under his desk in school. Kris, congratulations on your new position at Centerville School. Terry made his son so sad by going on the overnight. We actually caught a tad of a sensitive side to Terry, while describing the space picture his son drew for him when he returned. Who knew?

The lifeguards had a “Baywatch” orientation, swimming from Dane St. to Lynch beach. Bet Jay N. knew that was required and was faking the “looking for a real job” bit. The good news is that all the guards made the swim. It’s probably the most swimming they will do all summer.

Everyone is invited to enter the cookie bake-off on Monday and taste samples up in the office. Bruce, you better have an entry this time!

Quotable Quotes
Match the quotes to the speakers: Mary W., Bruce, Skev, Josh M., Heather B., Kris M., Greg P., a 5 yr. old camper, Alex B.

*We will grow old together…teaching during the school year and working every summer at the Bev. Rec.
*No more smelling like Italian subs in the van.
*Yup, we made it in time and pulled over & got the red puke going. *Someone pooped in the sink.
*Mary W.O… that’s kind of like J. Lo.
*Who wants to oil my back?
*Big gulps, huh? All right… well, see ya later!
*Josh is my legs.
*Josh, can you relieve me for a potty break.
*Sean, come handle this child.

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