Monday, September 28, 2015

Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

Its Jean's birthday! We celebrated in grand, Bev Rec style...

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

"We must resolve to live as nobly and justly as possible..."

September. Lynch Park is cool and calm once again. The summer is too hectic for blogging, so now that fall is here we want to update you on everything that happened over the past four months...

The splash pad was installed and a great success

We ran special events for kids all over the city

Mudpit wrestling continued to be a treasured tradition

The Lip Sync Extravaganza taught us the joy of Hot Takis & Cheetos

The AC/ACME Jr. prom at Camp Paradise was awesome

CITs were appreciated at their own, special dinner and Sam Stantial joined us to give his award to the very deserving George Fox

We celebrated Bruce's birthday...

and Josh's birthday...

and Suzanne's birthday!

Always a good time here at Bev Rec. Fall programs have started, so check out the newest brochure at and sign up for something. You know you've always wanted to make your own toiletries and learn to square dance!

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