Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer 2012 Rec Rag, 2nd Edition

Can you believe we have reached the halfway mark of our summer program? So much has happened in the first four weeks. Remember nothing is too small to be mentioned, if it will give us a good laugh.

We need to get more dirt on the Tiny Tykes staff for the next Rec. Rag. Katie Lane gets the award for the most mosquito bites in the shortest amount of time. Everyone hopes she leaves her credit card at Applebees again. Hayley lucked out and had her food paid for by Katie. Speaking of Applebees, one of their glasses fits comfortably in a wristlet. You might have to carry your wallet and cell phone in your hand. Ben A., thoughtful B.F., brings What’s Brewin to Bethany M. Hope he thinks of the ladies in the office some morning. Rumor has it that Skev speaks in pig latin to the staff (Unch-lay.) Kelsey F., who recently got a haircut, seems to have lost his alarm clock. If anyone has an extra one, please let him know. Regan is psyched that she doesn’t have to taxi Marco around, since he finally got his license. Now Ryan has another reason to ditch Will for Marco.

Speaking of Marco, we heard he gets very excited when he sees kites at Lynch Park. What a novelty! Sam S., ever confident of winning World Cup Soccer, was smoked by the team of Corey M. and Nicole B. at Olympimania. Maybe he is getting a little old for it. Jakes S. got free buffalo wings at Trivia (and Katie L. didn’t pay for him.) The waiter forgot his order.

Margaret tried to put a new spin on the usual tie-dye activity the other day, when she tried to tie-dye her face. The shirts looked great for the special event. Connor, looking dapper in his dreads, was AWOL at Water Country and was found by a lifeguard. He was just having so much fun and forgot the time. Nick D. was seen at Dynamic Core Class at the B.A.C. with Michaela B., followed by grocery shopping for the fam. He also enjoys cheap movie dates at Lynch Park. We will just have to ask Michaela to help him clean the bathrooms this Sunday.

Kenny P. sweet-talked his way into a Saturday gate shift, now he is healthy. Corey M. has been showing off his mouse-catching skills at Bartlett. Justin G.’s red shorts have unfortunately left his closet again this summer. Maybe he will lend them to Erin B., who has yet to dress up for a special event. Katie H. beat Will M. at basketball and he is making excuses not to play with Kris M. and Tim M. There is a new hangout crew at Brendan L.’s this year…Monica C., Jocelyn R., Marc B., and Corey M. Matt M. feels like a father figure this summer. Does that make Bruce a grandfather figure?

Kris M. said that he is substituting Nicole B. and Corey M. for Jackie R. and Tim M. after the World Cup performance. Too bad it is past the trade deadline. Kris was pretty excited that it didn’t rain for Mt. Monadnock. The staff looked pretty stiff when they returned. Cassie has a look alike in Margaret lately with her Hawaiian Tropic tan. Kris is jealous, as he is still suffering from his base burn. Tim M.’s mom is surprised that he will do anything for Kris M., even feed him grapes by the overnight bonfire. Jackie R. rode to Lynch on her bike one morning and the bike broke down on her trip home. Will and Tim helped her out though, since she has them on quick dial.

The lifeguards have been helping out other staff members. “Back Jesus” was asked to help lift picnic tables. Speaking of Ben C., he mentioned that he wanted to get an apt. with Jocelyn C., so she could do the girl things…cook and clean. Did he mention this to Kelsey during one of their 7 hour shifts together? Everyone try to be nice to David B., who is still sour after not getting “rookie of the year.” This week lifeguards overheard some interesting conversations between beachgoers. Some city child exclaimed, “This beach is too sandy.” Someone who likes the “High-hair” look asked, “Why didn’t we go to Revere Beach?” A protective and confused sibling warned, “Stay away from my brother. He has diabetes, the dying disease.”

Late Care continued to find new ways to entertain themselves by holding auditions for the Abby Lee Dance Company. Jake S. and Hayley M. dazzled campers with a stunning duet. On Friday, Justin G. hypnotized the counselors at late care. Jackie R. swears she saw Megan B. on American Idol, since she looks so much like Jenny from the block.

Will M. and Ryan L. (B.F.F.s) have become friends with Jenny and Senjong, the can couple. They have also been conversing with the Penalty Box and hooking up bus drivers with food and drinks. Will and Bruce tried to convince Ryan L. to introduce himself to the cute caterer girls, but his heart remains with Meaghan N. Will and Ryan insisted on buying twin shorts at Dick’s. Jocelyn C. had to rescue Will M. and her brother Mike C. at Salem Willows during their 3 hour paddleboard excursion in the stormy weather. Doesn’t Salem have rangers? People at the meeting were witness of a “LUV-tap” with a red mini. Nobody really mentioned much about it. Josh still hasn’t learned to park it somewhere else.

Quotable Quotes
Match the quotes with the correct speakers: A.C. Camper, Acme Jr. Camper, Playground Child, Bruce, Josh, ACME Camper, Tiny Tyker, Ryan L., Will M., Jocelyn C., Margaret and Skev.
  • I’ll sit on Will’s lap.
  • It is to die for! (when asked what cream of tartar was)
  • He was eating a dog treat.
  • If I could spend my summer with anybody, it would be with Ryan L. (It is not Will!)
  • My dad’s in jail, and he sleeps all the time.
  • I’m not afraid of you…I’m not afraid of anything.
  • I heard it used to be slave quarters.
  • Jean, you always know what I need!
  • I love poo!
  • I can’t believe you are standing me up for Marco Egizi.
  • I can talk to Bruce however I want cause I’ve seen his chest hair.
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Monday, July 9, 2012

You Don't Know You're Beautiful

Weird... just noticed that this blog entry from June was never published! Enjoy this pre-season gem, as we were so carefree just a month ago...

If this is June weather, then we are afraid to see November!  Luckily we ARE in New England so by Wednesday the high will be 90 degrees.  We are sure to see many more beach go-ers down at Lynch Park, blasting One Direction and snacking on Captain Dusty's fries.

The Skev Report - Our very own Skevvy to the Levy celebrated his 25th birthday with Bev Rec today!  Sweet Jean "baked" two ice cream cakes, Jocelyn C. popped up a healthy batch of popcorn, and Skev wore the crocodile hat non-stop to celebrate.  Knowing Skev and his good luck, he will probably buy a scratch ticket tonight and win $350,076.08.  As long as he throws some of the winnings back at us so we can build a deck off the back of the office, we'll keep throwing him birthday parties.  We are glad you were born, good buddy!

Stella made a brief appearance today, as did Nicole Belanger and Katie Lane!  Kris Melanson was here for a while, putting the finishing touches on what promises to be one of the best summers for Adventure Camp in recent memory.  He is pictured below, giving Stella one of his signature quizzes, which somehow she passed with flying colors...

Official Summer Rec Rag, 1st Edition

Yes, it is already the end of the second week of summer 2012. We want to welcome all new staff members to our humble department and welcome back all returnees. Obviously they enjoy it, as they come back for more fun! Our goal is to make it the best summer ever for all the Beverly children at the parks and camps and keep the citizens safe at the city beaches. If you have any concerns or suggestions, please put them in the suggestion box…actually, just talk to your supervisor…we encourage face-to-face chats.

Some of you who are new to the department may not realize that we publish a little newsletter every couple of weeks, updating everyone of the fun times on the job and funny stories related to staff on their own time. Any offerings are gladly accepted and can be dropped off with Jean in the office. You can locate her desk easily with the pictures of her lovely daughters, Joclyn and Nicole, on display.

The rangers have been getting along very well this summer. Ryan L. and Will Mc., new BFFs have been seen at the movie Ted together; sharing a Little Italy pizza in bed…a truck bed, that is; and enjoying the 4th of July holiday together at the McAuliffe’s relatives’ annual party. Ryan has the characteristics of a bum…the ability to sleep anywhere…and we have pictures to prove it. Jocelyn Cassola can be called an “angel” by the lifeguards for loading equipment on the cart and delivering it, without being asked. She can also be called a taxi driver as people have asked her to drive them to other towns. Walking partner is another title, as she skipped hand-in-hand to Acapulco’s with Skev, singing Thriller. Pish Posh Josh took a quick “leave of absence” for dispatcher training, texting during his breaks to make sure more shelves were being built. Scott has revealed that he likes holes in his donuts…doesn’t everybody? JRK likes holes in hers, as well, and will not eat any with filling. Gail favors What’s Brewin' donuts and Bruce will eat donuts of any kind.

The Tiny Tykes staff have been having a great time with the little darlings. Actually, there wasn’t one screaming child at drop off or any mother snooping behind trees this session. Skev could have scared some off with his “Geek God” outfit. The ice cream project was a big success, according to the campers and staff.

ACME camp has been off to a good start, under the direction of Margaret H, who turns 50 Shades of Red while reading smutty books and running to Lynch Park. Dan C. has the Chester or Shaggy look going on this summer.

Kenny Pierce, 2nd year P.I. has the award for the highest temperature. Jocelyn C., diligent Health Coordinator and nursing student was seen leaving his house after taking his temp. Will Mc., Permanent Sub needed a sub for himself 2 days in a row. Justin G. tries to tire out the Cove kids before special events by taking the long route through downtown and then by Dane and eventually to Lynch. Holly’s phone number was given to all the playground kids so they can wake her up on Thursdays (and we are not kidding). Anna J. can whip up a mean toga in no time with a simple bed sheet.

ACME Jr. got to see the Frisbee dog show this week. Sam S. says he is going to make up a game with the kids and have them try to catch frisbees in their mouths. The staff will have to show them how it is done first.

Late Care campers and staff have been looking for any sort of entertainment to pass the time away. On Friday, Marco E., Regan G., Will F., Jackie R., and Katie H. bravely faced off against an angry squirrel in the guild room. Two hours later, “Phil” got treed. Ryan L., the ranger on duty, chose to clean the bathrooms instead of help. Well, we have been after the rangers to do a better job cleaning…so we can’t be mad at him. On Tuesday, Late Care campers serenaded a young couple during a rose petal love ceremony with Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.” “A Kiss From a Rose” would have been more appropriate.

The Adventure Camp continues to live up to its name with unpredictable weather. They witnessed a funnel cloud…and it rained…again. Tim is the new Mountain Man/Ranger Rick, building tarps out of tents and using his pocketknife for everything now. He was also swinging from boulder to boulder at Metro Park. At home, however, he does the opposite, doing yoga in his backyard. Kris M. burned his belly and chach on his day off before camp and cried like Jacob Brower without hot dogs.

The lifeguards have had some hot summer shifts so far. Hopefully the canopies and chairs with the flaps will protect you from the dangerous rays. They survived a full-out water training. The instructor was trying to set up Kelsey and Connor F. together, not knowing they were brother and sister.

Camper Quotes
  • I have so much energy ‘cause I get up in the morning and drink so much water. (Tykes)
  • I just ate a bird who is angry. (Tyker)

Staff Quotes
Match the quotes with the following speakers: Sam S., Skev, Josh, and Kris M. (Some may have more than one)
  • Hung out, tongue out.
  • The body glitter is the way to go!
  • That’s so true…I am the most handsome of the Stantial boys.
  • Has everyone seen my bell?
  • Yes, yes, yes…keep saying yes!

The next edition will come out in two weeks, so bring in all the newsworthy info.