Monday, March 26, 2012

Missing Pieces

Found some pictures that I've been meaning to post. Bev Rec office life at its finest. Enjoy!

By chance, Josh found this picture of Tim McAuliffe on the St. John's Prep website!

Finally, Josh has his own phone!

Stella does her best bunny impression

Stella skools Josh in Pengaloo

The ground-down granite in front of the new door on the Carriage House

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Summer in the City?

Hey hey hey! Is it June, or is it just me? Lynch Park today looks like a scene from July 9, 2011. Global warming isn't right, but in March we don't want it to be wrong! Check out the parking lot - FULL!

Bruce and I had a meeting with Sherry and Bethany at the school department yesterday and we saw this hanging in the hallway...

The Skev Report - As you can see, tutoring has been a success for Professor Skev. Must have been all that exposure in the Bev Rec brochure that propelled him to tutoring superstardom! Skev visited this week and gave updates on his St. Patty's Day celebration (Pickled Onion, yeah), school, Marbles, pretty much everything. He and Stella sang a few songs from the Muppet movie, he checked his camp numbers and then he was off.

Josh declared today waffle day, so we spent the morning cooking up a storm. Sausages, waffles, fruit (so we could at least have the appearance of being healthy) and coffee made us champions. Gail thinks we should deem every day waffle day. Yup.

We did not see the Penalty Box in the parking lot this week, which I think is totally weird.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

It’s Her Party & She’ll Eat Cake if She Wants To…

Gail’s birthday was last week, on the Ides of March (aka. the day Caesar was stabbed by his bestie, Brutus). No one stabbed anything at Bev Rec except their delicious cake and ice cream at our birthday celebration. Gail got lots of gifts, Jean cooked muffins for breakfast, Josh decorated the office and we ordered Panera for lunch. Only thing missing was Stella!

Jocelyn Cassola, HRMC, brought in the newest addition to her family, Madeline or Maddie. She’s so cute!! The Cassolas love dogs. Joc has brought Maddie in a few times now and she’s always such a good girl. Even Trixie liked her.

We’ve had visitors over school break season including: Joclyn Belanger, Jocelyn Cassola, Nick Doig, Molly Forman, Margaret Hall, Connor McAuliffe, Tim McAuliffe, Will McAuliffe and Sam Stokes.

Contracts are in and interviews will start soon. We’re making the schedule and trying a new format, so get ready, recruits!

One of the Rose Garden lions was scalped! Anyone know a sculptor or mason who can help us replace the top of his noggin?

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Last Month in Pictures

Welcome to March! Josh and Stella have been busy building stuff around here. Check out their latest projects...

Kris Melanson stopped by last week, despite the fact that he had just sprained his ankle... the two BRD Melansons in the same room!

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