Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Not-So-Secret Santa

Here's a sneak preview of today's holiday party...

More next week! We wish everyone a happy and healthy holiday season. Much love to you from your friends at Bev Rec!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Buried Treasure

Josh, Scott and Will uncovered these gems in the basement of the Carriage House...

Last poll indicates that the hottest gift this holiday season is a blade of Lynch Park grass. Keep it to ONE blade, please. NEW POLL that gives a sneak preview of the winter/spring 2012 class schedule!!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

It’s the Holiday Season, So Whoop-Dee Doo!

Yo, I know it’s been a long time since we rapped at ya, but we’ve been REALLY busy! Lots going on in the Carriage House, the office, at Paddles Park, the Doig residence, the Carmody residence, and Skev’s room. So much to report and so little time to fit it in, between meetings, holiday shopping and turkey shoo-ing.

First thing’s first…
The Skev Report – Skev Kringle came in last week, or maybe two weeks ago and shared his Black Friday domination. He bought a huge Google TV, with all the trimmings (Blu-Ray player, extended warranty, etc.) for the low, low price of $550.00! Amazing! He also got to work with the CEO of Marbles over the crazy post-Thanksgiving shopping rush and she said he is doing a fantastic job. Sweet!

Bruce and Josh have been slaving away in the Carriage House, turning the old equipment room into the Cove Room, for meetings and a possible bride’s changing room. They found an old bottle in the wall, so when they were rebuilding the wall, we put a time capsule (of sorts) back into it. Years from now someone will uncover an old Diet Coke can, Bev Rec brochures and... well we'll let that remain a mystery…

BIG NEWS!! Bruce got a dog!! Say WOOF to Trixie, the newest member of the Bev Rec family! She’s too cute and she’s settling in to office life nicely (although she has been barking at me all day). Stella loves having someone smaller than her to take care of (boss around). Trixie has even been to Paddles Park. Stop by sometime and see her, she’s usually sitting in Bruce's big, comfy chair.

Gail is getting her kitchen painted blue and white and it looks marvelous.

The wild turkey family that usually haunts Bruce and my neighborhood has been trotting around Lynch Park lately. Josh had to shoo them away from the office so we could all enter the building safely. No one has suffered a turkey pecking, yet!

Bev Rec Staff Holiday Gathering is in the works. More info to come.

The next brochure is in the works right now and we have some excellent NEW classes for you! Also included will be summer camp and Wicked Cool for Kids science education dates and registration information! Don’t forget our Playgroup, that starts next year, so watch out for it! Check our website and FB & Twitter pages for up-to-date info. Bevvvv Reeeec, yeah… Bev Rec yeh-heh-hah!

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