Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Brunch

Today we ate a delicious pancake, bacon and fruit brunch. Check these pics (can't believe I missed Josh wearing an apron!) ...

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Power Tools & Submarines

Josh has been hard at work on a mysterious wooden box. Not sure what he's going to do with it when he's finished, but it looks like it could hold a lot of Stella's toys..

Visits, visits everywhere... Kris Melanson was in the house, as was Bill Bresnahan, Jenna Johnson with campers Tori and Will Ullmann and Emily Walk's Mom popped by to collect her supervisor polo! The Skevmaster General said he would be here, but never showed up.

Stella is finally watching Yellow Submarine and I think she likes it! It's pretty weird, though. Psychedelic.

Instead of Crock Pot Friday, we're having Lunch Breakfast tomorrow. Gail is bringing in the skillet and we're making pancakes, bacon and Josh says he's going to attempt to cook home fries. I suspect a few eggs will be scrambled or fried, but you're going to have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

The last poll showed that most of you would like to see Bev Rec offer, "Shark Wrestling", "Hiking", "Parkour" and "Ballroom Dancing" as classes this fall. Innnnteresting... NEW poll to the right, bottom of the green box.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh, Geez…

THANK YOU to our 5 newest advocates! This blog is fun and a way to catch up on Beverly Recreation news for everyone, throughout the year. But mostly, it’s fun.

We hope all of our teacher friends are enjoying their February vacation! We certainly enjoyed our Monday off.

Evening enrichment begins next week, so sign up for classes NOW.

The Skev Report – Again this week Skevkin Donuts was in the office and I missed him. We DID get together last night to work on some math for my big test. Skev certainly does know his math, he had neatly solved every equation in preparation and was patient with me as I struggled through them! We’re meeting again this Saturday because we only got through problem #8. A word of advice, don’t waste $4 on the Chicken on Flatbread with Hummus Artisan Snack Plate at Starbucks…

I was at a meeting in Weymouth for most of the day yesterday, but I heard that Ivy and Hayley Mahan stopped by, as did Kris Melanson!

Jean is asking for suggestions for Crock Pot Friday. Good, healthy lunches that take 4 hours (or less) to cook. Bring it!

If YOU have Bev Rec related news to share, please send it to me for consideration to be added to the blog at

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Friday, February 18, 2011

You Like Us! You REALLY Like Us!

What a difference a day makes... well, a day and an email from Josh Melanson! Overnight we gained three more Rec Rag enthusiasts (for a current total of 19) and we are SO thankful. You rule.

In other news, the sun is shining and the snow is melting. If you were planning to go sledding or snow mountain climbing at Lynch, you should do it this weekend and take pictures to be included in the blog. YES, we'll consider your pics and innocent, non-damaging gossip for submission. Send your tidbits to

Wasn't last night's episode of Jersey Shore lame?

We've seen Tim McAuliffe twice this week and it's pretty clear that Stella has a crush on him. Watch out Sam!

Molly Forman was also in the office today, hanging out and lending moral support to Joshie before his big interview at Osram/Sylvania. Best of luck, although he's doing such a great job, we never want Josh to leave.

Hey, Emily Walk! We still have your Director polo shirt here at the office! Has your name on it and everything...

Not too much to report, as far as Bev Rec business goes. I'm working fastidiously on contracts and you will have them soon. Before the end of February. So sorry for the delay, it's taken much of my time and energy and I've been giving it all very careful thought.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Another person has chosen to "follow" this blog! Thank you! Lucky #17, we welcome you with open arms and would LOVE to know, who inspired you to join our ranks? Who led you to us? There could be a reward coming their way...

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Confucius Says

Bruce, Josh and Gail ordered Chinese food today from China River. Their fortune cookie fortunes were as follows...

Bruce: "Compassion is a way of being."
Josh: "Leaders are like eagles, they don't find them one at a time."

The Skev Report - We heard that Skevman would be in the park today, and apparantly he was, but didn't leave the Skevmobile. He saw that the only car in the lot was Bruce's and figuring no one was here, he turned around and left! Oh well, if he came in, we would have shared our fried rice.

We have a new goal... reach 10,000 blog views and get 14 more followers by the end of the summer! Tell your friends, family, current and old Recs and help us spread the word!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Iceman Cometh

Josh found this in the Carriage House today...

The poll results are in and the park kids won with 60% of the votes. 33% of you went to Bev Rec Camps, 6% went to other camps and 6% of you were addicted to video games. NEW POLL - Check it!!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

“Who’s Daryl Hall?”

I discovered this weekend that the ACME staff are not familiar with Daryl Hall, of the popular 80s band, Hall & Oates. He is waaaay more qualified than Usher to hold the title, “Godson of Soul”. See here:, especially the first line of the second paragraph which reads,

“Hall is widely regarded as one of the best blue eyed soul singers of his generation…”

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Defining “Chach”

Camp registration today! We worked furiously to be sure that all who sent in forms by 4:30pm, EST on February 10, were registered, wait listed, etc. We’re still working on it, but neon green postcards should be mailed out to all families in two weeks. Best of luck to everyone, we sincerely appreciate your patronage.

Josh Melanson, HRMC and Jack of All BRD Trades, has many funny moments, but today he busted out one of the best quotes ever. Now, I don’t remember exactly how he put it, but he referred to Mary (Woolaver) O’Neill’s baby bump as a “chach”, saying something like, “Now she has a chach!” OMG, it was uproarious! We thought that Kris Melanson was the only one, but now every pregnant staff member will have the dubious distinction of bearing a chach. Only, the pregnant chaches will be slightly more refined and lovable.

In other Josh news, he has challenged himself to bake something Valentine’s-themed for the office on Monday. Cannot wait.

The Skev Report – Skev-ra oh la la made an appearance at 55 Ober Street today. Just checking up on camp reg and providing moral support. He has been looking through my GMAT study materials and I think we will begin the tutoring process at Starbucks (although I am a Dunks girl) or Panera next week. He says parking at US Taekwondo has been a nightmare and has been looking for people to go with him to an LCD Soundsystem show in NY. He passed on ordering Tapas (I lifted my 7 year boycott today) because he had to get to work. He wore Stella’s princess crown, to make her laugh, and I almost got a picture! Skev, the Prince of Virginia Avenue.

Bruce was home today, watching 24 and resting up after surgery. Get well, see you soon, Boss!

The park kids are winning! VOTE in the newest poll (to the right, bottom of the green box)!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Camp Crystal Lake

The sun is shining and snow is melting! Lynch Park looks like the moon. Come check it out and don’t forget your sled or snowshoes.

Summer camp registration is Friday! The office will be closed so we can quickly and efficiently process registration. We wish every applicant the best of luck!

Speaking of summery stuff, I'm meeting with Directors this week to discuss staffing. You may remember that we’re moving people around and assembling new “Dream Teams”. I’ve had quite a few emails lately from staff who say they’ve heard there is space in this camp or that park and I’m telling you now, I don’t know for sure who is returning and who is not until I get contracts back and contracts have not even been typed up. I have not yet received word from anyone, stating that they will not be back.

Soooo, if you are not returning, let me know, ASAP! Just send an email or a text, simple! You won’t be in trouble, we wish you well and thank you for your service to our fair city. If you want to move from camps to parks or vice versa, I’d like to know that, as well.

The Skev Report – Skev Voorhees and Joclyn Belanger worked at the Glen U camp fair last weekend. Their table was fairly busy and rocking with a Lip Sync video, but they found plenty of time to eat free breakfast, lunch and chat, chat, chat. Lots of chatting going on. Skev is going to be my math tutor soon, I think I will finally understand geometry…

Bruce is out of the office for the next few days. Gail, Jean, Josh and I will be here to assist you.

We’re taking Gail’s desk out and moving a smaller one in. Lots of changes around this office and they’re all looking good.

I am so surprised to see that most of you who voted in the last poll, have 3+ shovels at your house! There's a new poll on summer camp. VOTE!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Blue Thursday

Back to work and school! It's so nice to see a sunny day, even if the air is chilly. Is there really another storm on the way Saturday? Do you have enough shovels to dig your way out of this one? Take our new poll (green box, to the right) and let us know.

The Skev Report - Skev Five-O made another appearance at Bev Rec today. He told us that he is now on the second season of Lost and he loves it. He gave me his new email address for my files. He is in charge of February vacation activities for U.S. Taekwondo and we're sure that he will come up with some gems, just like he does for us at Bev Rec. His team, "Science" has been dominating the trivia scene on Sports & Entertainment night. He is working at the Glen U camp fair this weekend and agreed to bring his laptop to show last year's Lip Sync contest. He also filled me in on how The Big Lebowski ends and, "The Game of Things".

Skev asked me for his summer employment contract, but I don't have those ready yet. I hope to have them in the next two weeks, but with all the exciting new changes, it's taking a while to meet with the necessary people and sort it all out. All in good time...

Here is a video of Stella and Skev twisting and shouting at her birthday celebration last week:

I haven't received mail at my house in two days. Come on, man.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Not sure whether we’ll make it into the office tomorrow, so here are the details on the past week-and-a-half…

Stella’s birthday party and Crock Pot Friday went together nicely. We ate chicken, rice, salad and a chocolate cake all courtesy of Gail! I just realized that I owe her $4 for the meal… Everything was really delicious and Stella was mesmerized by her huge piece of cake! She truly loved every single gift she was given, but has already gotten the most use out of the Beatles on Ed Sullivan DVD that Bruce gave her. We’ve watched it 58 times. She’s got a ticket to ri-hi-hiiiide! Thanks to everyone who celebrated or wished Stella a happy birthday! Here are some pics of the Rec party…

The Skev Report – Skev Tut finally visited when we were all there! Woo-hoo! He did shave and I think he got a haircut, as well. He is planning to see a bunch of live music in the weeks ahead and hopes to get some Red Sox tickets for the summer. Rec outing!! He wants to save up for a new television and has been watching a lot of Lost reruns. We talked about the summer and contracts and he’s totally sending his back.

Josh put up a Stella-sized hook so she can hang up her own coat.

Whomever voted that Stella was born at 5:47pm was correct! New poll on snow shovels, to the right, green box. Vote!

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