Friday, January 18, 2013

Zero Dark Eighteen

Another day, another post! We're trying to keep up our New Year's Resolutions, are you?

We found cool websites that can help you keep track of your goals this new year or anytime.  Check out Mindbloom and Joe's Goals.  They're FREE and can help you track habits and goals like eating more fiber, signing up for a Bev Rec class or taking walks at Lynch Park. It's fun and easy.

If you are not at all into resolutions, check out these UNresolutions from Meetup.

Will McAuliffe visited yesterday and gave us some of his awesome Lynch Park photos to use.  He's so talented, he got into Mass. College of Art!  Stella was not as impressed, she locked herself in the Spirit Whisper room for the duration of his visit.  Don't take it personally, Will, Stella was really sick yesterday.  I have bags under my eyes this morning to prove it...  Anyway, here's a sample of Will's work...

Photo by William McAuliffe

It's both "Ewwww..." and "Awesome..." at the same time, right?

Gail and Stella turned the apartment into a Valentine's Day house! Check it as the redecoration commences...

One more thing (don't you just hate it when a meeting is at the end and someone says, "One more thing..." and then talks for 34 more minutes?) ... we are also on Tumblr and our Tumblr Blog, Bev Rec Yeah! is awesome!  Please follow us there, too.  We feature cool videos and links to local resources and recreation information.

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gray Sky, Sunny Day?

Is it true we haven’t blogged at ya since Hanukkah?  Unbelieveable!  The holidays hit, we took vacations and scrambled to get the Winter/Spring brochure to print, so it’s been busy at the BRD.  Here is a recap of the Bev Rec news you missed over the past month…

* Gail redecorated Stella’s apartment for Christmas!  It had working lights and everything!

* BHS Football won the Superbowl and Bruce was tickled black and orange!  He went to banquets and celebrated for weeks.  Come to think of it, he's still attending parties and waiting for his ring to arrive! 

* We had our staff holiday party at Gail’s house on a Saturday morning.  Josh was there!  We ate waffles, opened gifts and had a lot of laughs.  Stella was beside herself with all the princessey, unicorney, puzzley gifts she received.

* Scott worked at Beverly Recreation while on school break.  We loved having him around!

* I got an iPhone 5!  Woo-hoooooo!  Went to the mall to pick out a protective case for it and was stunned to learn that they can cost $50!, people…

Winter/Spring programs start next month as does SUMMER CAMP registration!

* I have started to meet with the Camp Directors to discuss SUMMER 2013 and let me tell you, there is a lot of excitement out there!!

* Will McAuliffe has been at Lynch Park during all hours of the day and night, capturing the best of it on film.  He’s coming into the office today to show me his sweet, sweet pics.

That's all I can think of to report right now!  We promise to check in more regularly with you in 2013, it's one of our resolutions!  Take care, get a flu shot, live long and prosper loyal readers!

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