Monday, February 23, 2015

1,2,3... 2015!

We're trying to pretend its warm out (its going to be in the single digits pretty soon), and so are doing some spring cleaning. Enjoy all of the random pictures and videos from our vault...

These brave rangers moved the old, gross couch and the rizzograph machine out of the Spirit Whisper room to make way for the new, sanitary recovery couch

By some miracle or twist of fate, Michael Schroeder (beloved camper) and Rich Slate (former Head Ranger) delivered our delicious orientation day meal from Super Sub in June, 2014

Bruce won "Most Likely to Dance Here Again" at the Senior Center's Dancing with our Stars event

Ye Olde Wooden Structure was turned into rubble and replaced with something even more awesome

Stella had an 8th birthday party at the office!

We FINALLY tried the bacon maple donuts from Half Baked and can confirm that they are worth the trip and the extra calories!

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