Friday, June 15, 2012

Quote of Yesterday

"Did you know the whole downstairs is gonna be a shelf?" - Jocelyn Cassola, HRMC

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Those Who Live by the Saw, Die by the Saw

Just thought you would like to know, THE PENALTY BOX was spotted in the parking lot this afternoon, despite the short downpour.

These past few weeks have been busy.  You know it's camp and park season when the office is overflowing with staff and interviewees and the downstairs is buzzing with the sound of rangers using power tools to build closets, hang shelves and create new mini golf courses.

Josh and Scott replaced Bruce's desk with an even larger one.  Sensing the danger of a construction site, Stella donned her hard hat while observing the scene...

Old Rec, Jenna Johnson, donated many of her old Barbie dolls to our little doll.  Jenna : Toy Story 3's Andy as Stella : Toy Story 3's Bonnie!  Hardly able to contain her excitement, Stell jumped right in and we were soon afloat in a sea of Barbie clothes, houses, cars, boats and half-naked dolls!

We are so looking forward to orientation on the 23rd!  More details to come, staff, so keep your eyes peeled and please check and READ your email!  That's it for now, let's all keep our fingers crossed for more sunny days.

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