Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Warm, Creepy Day

Soon Lynch will be abuzz with the sound of leaf blowers. Fall has fallen.

The Skev Report - Oh yes, Skev-o-ween popped by! He was sporting a corn-cob pipe, an important piece of his yacht captain costume for work tonight and parties this weekend. Stella and I will visit US Taekwondo for some eyeball pong and treats with Mike and Master Kim. Skev has the holiday spirit, but it's been tough getting his friends out to Salem for all the festivities. He's going to take the train. He remarked that, "you can never truly be happy," but he seemed to be doing pretty well. We checked out the Grassfields menu and it looks pretty good. He's been taking his parents and sister out to dinner and movies lately, so all that taekwondo and catering must be paying off!

The poll results are in and most you voted for purple! We'll take that under advisement if we EVER get to renovating the main office.

New "trick-or-treating" poll to the right in the green portion...

Josh and Bruce got Chinese food for lunch today and Bruce made himself a huge, heaping plate. Check it out...

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi, My Name is Bruce Dog…

Pumpkin Fest at Holcroft Park was a success! Four Bev Rec staff members volunteered to paint faces, play basketball and just plain help out. The pumpkins had to be replenished three times and the hot chocolate was completely drained. We stayed until the sun went down and we had a lot of fun.

This morning’s conversation was all about bread and Panera bread bowls. Gail is waiting for a bread cookbook from the library and Jean made a chicken corn chowder and served it in a bread bowl. We have also been talking about pie, apple pie and crisp, ever since Gail baked a delicious apple crisp and Salem Five sent us two pies in the mail. We used our new convection oven to warm them up.

Bruce is moving, since Josh is almost finished painting. Looks like a bright, orange, Beverly sunset in the corner office. I wonder how long he will be able to keep this revamped space neat and tidy?

Visited the Iron Rail Gymnastics Academy this morning and jumped around on the springy floor. It was awesome.

What is up with this crazy warm weather? I mean, it’s nice, but it’s also pretty weird.

According to our most recent poll, the majority of you think we should paint the main office purple. Excellent choice! We will take suggestions for what the topic of the next poll should be, just comment (below), FB, or email me at

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Feel the Love

Bruce, Jean, Gail and I worked in the same office today. Close quarters, but we're professionals and we like each other, so it was kinda awesome. Not to mention the fact that Bruce is so quiet, we almost forgot he was in here.

Stella was only in the office for an hour, but made a huge mess. She left papers, toys, blankets, dress-up clothes and food in her wake. She ate every pretzel, piece of Pirate’s Booty, cookie and raisin in sight. She tried to get into the drawer under the printer, but Bruce’s big, comfy chair is blocking it. She drew a sweet picture of a princess “leaning her head back and enjoying the sun” and then signed her name on the top. Amazing penmanship!

She also put on a little fashion show as you can see here…

The Skev Report – We finally got a visit from Skevtin Bieber!! He's sporting a shaggier hairdo and he has a cold. He missed school to visit the doctor and was considerate enough to slather on the Purell. He catered last night and tried some of the prime rib. Too bad it was gross. I think he agreed to be my GMAT math tutor. Woo-hoo! Skev hasn’t heard any good new music lately, but he did see “The Town”.

Mike told us a hilarious story about visiting Russell Orchards as a kid, buying a dozen cider donuts for his family, but eating them all himself that day and puking all night long! BTW – What’s Brewing makes their own, delicious cider donuts. Skev says he wanders in and out of people’s lives (don’t we know it!), is a self-proclaimed pessimist and he feels most text messages are “snarky”. He said while he may appear to have a soft fa├žade, he’s really hard-hearted, kind of like a chocolate turtle. Skev likes the song, “Runaround Sue” and thinks it would be a good Lip Sync song. We agree!

Josh rose to the challenge and baked delicious, delicious chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies. Soooo good.

Josh also pointed out a spooky visitor, relaxing at the little tykes structure… his name tag says “Marvelous Marvin”, but I think he’s more like Michael Myers or Freddy Krueger. Tis the season!

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Super Sub & Sanders

Josh is baaaack! Right now he is sanding his little heart out in Bruce's office and the end of this whole painting fiasco may be in sight. Check out these pics of Josh, trying to fix the antique sander, and Bruce's office today...

Some of us had Super Sub for lunch today and it was delicious. They have a new paint job, too!

I need a math tutor! Studying for the GMAT, I've realized many math concepts I have forgotten (or never learned?) and it's working very much against me. This test costs $250, so I can't afford to fail. Anyone out there good at math?

Don't forget to take the latest poll and keep Joshie in a painters cap for a few more months!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bruce’s Sauna

Josh isn't here so Bruce is steaming off wallpaper himself. Good plan, but the phone has been ringing off the hook for him and his office is in disarray, so he’s been answering calls in the main office. The steamer stays on, and the office fills with a semi-stinky, sauna-like haze. It’s therapeutic recreation!

We don’t have special sections anymore because we never see Skev and office baking has been sparse. Might have to start a section on knitting, since Gail has already concocted some cool items for fall and winter.

According our last poll, most of you did not attend the Topsfield Fair. I didn't either, and it has little effect on me, but I do miss candy apples and fried dough.

Online class starts today… it’s time to conquer the GMAT.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

October Rules

Beautiful weather so far this fall and it looks like it's peak foliage time this week. Soak it up at Lynch Park, Dane St. Beach, Obear Park... just get outside and visit your neighborhood park.

I signed up for an online class and am psyched to start it on Wednesday. So much to choose from and many classes are under $90. Check it at our Online Instruction Center.

Mexican for lunch two days in a row. Delicious, but dangerous.

Gail baked brownies with peanut butter cup bits. Jean made blondies last week. Awesome. When is Josh going to bake something with his new, birthday brownie pan again? We'll wait and see.

Bruce's office is the next room to get a makeover, check out Josh's ongoing painting extravaganza...

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Much Blogging in 2 Minutes?

Well, we'll see!

Jean is going to CT with Joclyn for a college visit. While Joc is at meetings and stuff, Jean will be hanging at the local mall. Have fun!

Josh is prepping Bruce's office for painting. Gail and Bruce will shop tomorrow, but it has to be a color that his color blind eyes can see.

I went to see Rock of Ages on Sunday and it was awesome.

Stella has been making a huge mess over here and is relutant to pick it up... so much to do in the last few minutes of the day!

Whomever voted that Stella is going to be a Bad Witch for Halloween, was right. But Bruce Doig would have been awesome!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Now the Bat Makes Sense

I just realized that the bat Skev gave me during the summer (to commemorate my love for vampires) finally makes sense, as a Halloween decoration. Sweet. Now if I can just think of an explanation for the bug guts all over the window…

The Skev Report – Speaking of Skevnotronic, he has been notably absent from the office lately. I know he’s really busy at U.S. Taekwondo and school and tutoring, but we miss his crazy stories. Mike, if you’re reading this, come visit soon! This blog feature will go away if we don’t have antics to report!

Here is a picture of the bathrooms downstairs… hats off to Josh!

Bruce and I had successful MRPA meetings here yesterday, but I wouldn’t be surprised to get some complaints from our colleagues who crashed into the rocks lining the driveway… whoops! We enjoyed leftover Dunks this morning, delicious pumpkin muffins, yessss!

Long weekend coming up, who’s going to the Topsfield Fair? Wait, maybe that will be the subject of the next poll!!

It's a slow news day, but I’ll try to give you a wrap up here…

  • Bruce asked Josh to remove a humongous desk from his office. Josh just started hacking it up.
  • Gail’s cellie has been ringing a lot lately, and she brought in hats she knitted for Stella’s Cabbage Patch Kid, Fiona.
  • Jean’s daughter, Nicole, went to her first St. John’s Prep dance!
  • Bruce’s son, Chris, has been helping Roger install software in his new computer and getting free dinner and movies, in return.
  • I'm psyched for Stella’s picture day and am considering buying new jeans and a fall coat. I worked out at the Y the other day and while I have mad respect, I also had a hard time because I saw too many people I knew and smelled too much terrible body odor.

    Soooo exciting at the Lynch Park office!

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  • Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    Too Much Bertucci's

    I am maxxed out on Bertucci's. I've been there once a week for the past three weeks. It's just too much.

    Bruce and I have meetings tomorrow, but we're not sure who is coming. We are sure that we will be providing breakfast and lunch, even if we're the only ones in attendance.

    We may (finally) be getting Dreamweaver. Maybe, just maybe. Check out to watch the changes as they happen.

    Josh has been here and at his new job. We are really happy to still have him around because he's an excellent painter. After finishing the hallway and staircase, he painted the bathroom doors downstairs. Come and check it out, it's WAAAAY better than it used to be.

    Thank you to everyone who donated to our latest cause. Your generosity is going to put a Christmas-like smile on our friend's face.

    Thanks also to everyone who voted in our "Favorite Month" poll. Who knew October was such a popular month? Don't forget to participate in our Halloween Costume poll! It's to the right...

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