Monday, May 10, 2010

May is Cold

Bruce was out of the office today to catch up on yard work. He is going to a Red Sox game with the Cove School tonight. Better wear a hat and scarf, Boss, it's gonna be cold!

I am typing up letters to all candidates for summer employment and sending them tomorrow. Decisions will appear on this blog on Friday.

The Skev Report - Skev Dynamite was spotted letting off some steam at Fibber McGee's this weekend, playing his fave tunes for all to enjoy. He's making it a goal to head into Boston more often to explore a new social scene. We approve. He was wearing a cool terry cloth polo shirt from The Rack today with his Sydney Fife sweater. He is going to burn The Fame Monster for me, which is awesome! He suggests becoming friends with Wheat Thins on Facebook so you can enter to win a trip to Bonnaroo.

The ladies in the office have been baking up a storm, muffins, pumpkin bread, brownies... yeah! Josh and Molly brought in cookies. No recipes have been reported lately, but I'll keep my ears open.

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