Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bad Weather Report

This week has brought a lot of bad weather, but that hasn’t stopped Stella from using the potty. She is very close, almost ready to be completely qualified to go to Tiny Tykes this summer!

Tim dropped off contracts and a medical bill for his injured hand yesterday. He grew a beard and moustache. D. Timothy Bunyan.

Josh stopped by today with Panera lunches of cheddar broccoli soup for he and Gail. While he was here, he got a call from one of his favorite Recs… no, not Molly Forman… Skev!

The Skev Report – We haven’t seen Skev yet this week, but we heard him, via Josh’s speakerphone. According to Josh’s cellie, Skev had a magical adventure with Master Kim last night and he is up $50 after a late night card game but could have won $800. He promises to visit the office tomorrow with a "surprise" and there is “plenty to go around”. Now we’re really curious, but I suspect it's a Fu Manchu. Josh may have convinced him to bring along treats from Dunks, as well. More on the Skevster after tomorrow’s visit.

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